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Very very nice picture! Excellent girth! Keep it up.

Duh-aaam. Great pic.

You're going for length , right? hehe. I can see most women going, "Um... no," when staring at that thick thing.
You wanna know whats weird though i never considered my dic to be fat.Every female i been wit says it is though and i touch every spot inside of em.In my eyes i look average


Two thumbs up! Nice tool.

Can't wait to be something like that. I have a new aspiration of what I want my penis to look like, thanks.

With that much girth (and maybe Treepapaniner will chime in here too if he sees this, or anyone else with over 6.0-in in girth), do you have any issues when having sex? Particularly with women who haven't had children?

I'm trying to think about where I want to stop my girth gains. I was thinking of stopping at 5.5-in midshaft (I'm currently about 5.3 mishaft and 5.5 at the base), but I might go for 6.0. I like blowjobs and doing anal, so I don't want to get so big that I start getting turned down for those (more than I already do anyway, hehe).
I have had problems in the past.My ex would only let mefuck till she cam once and would stop me,because she said it hurt to much.Also there was this one time i was with this 18 year old chick.We stared talking about sex,and she starts talking shit to me like u cant handle me blah blah.Well when i tried to have sex with her it wouldnt go in.She was wet as hell,and i got 2 fingers in her but i couldnt even get the head in.I tried for 45 min and nothing.The woman i'm with now has 3 kids.Her first baby was 7lbs,the 2nd was 9lbs,and the 3rd was 8lbs.It takes me a liltime to get into her when we have,after about 20 min of fourplay(me goin down on her--itusually takes me about 5 min to get it in


What are your goals for pe? Are you trying any routines yet?

That's some pic, ny, and thanks for posting. (try for a ruler shot next time)


Nice pic...

When your seated like that, does your head reach your belly button? It appears it would, but it could just be the camera angle...


I'm just now seeing this pic and I will also say very nice! The type of girth I want as well. 6.5-7" for me would be ideal.


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Originally posted by samzman u want your girl to suck on some other guys dick?????
Yup. I wouldn't mind seeing my gal or wife with some other guys meat in her mouth,pussy, and ass. I would marry a pornstar that's still in the biz so it wouldn't matter to me.


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Hey Strongstroke if you ever come down to H-Town let me know so I can hook you up an appointment with my two gals. Ever had a spanish chick go down on your dick while a caremel complected big booty black chick licks your nuts? I can make that happen for your package. I showed one of my gals your dick and she liked it so let me know what's up.

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