My personal donation suggestion--related to gains and goals


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Although already a member of the MOS paysite, I spent far more time here at the forum. While I've purchased a couple of, for lack of a better term, competing products or memberships in an effort to learn everything I can about Penis Enlargement, nothing compares to the knowledge I have gained from DLD and his handful or experienced moderators that devote a tremendous amount of time here.

I don't want to see the guys have to delete any threads of substance or potential benefit, or cut corners to keep this site up. Yet, I cannot financially justify donating a large amount to MOS. I began thinking at work today about what I could do. I just sent $17. The significance of this number is that it is $1 for each inch of length and girth I hope to have at my finishing point. My goals are an ambition 10" EL and 7" girth. Honestly, it will take a hell of a lot of work to ever get there and I'll be pleased if I get pretty close. DLD, if I get there, I'll send you $70, multiplying instead of adding my goal numbers. Should that happen, I'll have given this guy $87 for helping me turn a small penis into an absolute fence-post of a schlong. Is it even possible to get a higher return on $87?

Some were kind of turned off by Jaz's post asking for donations a few days ago. Understand, I'm sure it was frustration on his part, not anger towards any individual. I hope my dollar-per-inch suggestion might sort of set a precedent or inspire some of you.

I would suggest DLD or Jaz post a mailing address, if possible. Anyone that is able to should take a couple of dollars, or a five dollar bill and send it. Of course they say not to send cash through the mail, but most of us have sent small amounts, if it's wrapped up in paper.

No preaching here. No guilt was intended. But I was surprised at the low number of people that have donated to the forum. I hope you'll all do whatever you can. I hope I have provided you with a example of a donation that many of us can afford to do.

To gains for everyone. :bottumsup


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If people do not agree with someone's opinion please state it in the open forum with tact, respect and honesty. There is no need to give a thread of this stature a negative rating unless you are willing to post the reason why. I think penguinsfan has made a wonderful suggestion and I sincerely appreciate his efforts. If you don't please be man or woman enough to state it and not hide behind a negative rating.



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Seriously! Folks, it was a suggestion intended to show that one can help this place without spending a large amount of money. The amount would also stay in one's subconscious, kind of acting like a written goal. When I think about this forum, my small donation comes to mind. And then I think about the significance of the number and what I should be doing to help me achieve those goals.

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