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Well I dont have a SET routine anymore.
I do 1 on 1 off / 3 on 4 off / 2 on 1 off or whatever.
I always make sure I do 2/3 sessions a week minimum.

I only do Stretching exercises, plus one width exercise.

I do VERY strong intense stretches using rolling pins and high angles of attack on my ligs/tunica.

I make sure I get the Lig burnt and really stretched heach session, which lasts around 30/45 minutes.

I do lay down stretches [Like lazy ass / and leg under]
Quick Jerks.
Squat Stretches .
Sit-up stretches .
And many types of advanced stretches using alsorts of angles of attack and rollin pins, juts basiccly making sure I get them worked out and sore.

I do the presser exercise which is a width builder.

I am now over 7 inches erect girth, just around 8 inches erect lenght, 2' erect width.

I will post the update to these soon.

I will keep this updaed as I go
hey red ...i know you and your routine.....if you keep up those insane stretches you gonna pull your pecker i seen where you are well over the 8 inch mark .......congrats ......


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RED's getting into monster status with that crazy girth of his! Length time I'm guessing! Could you please explain your rollpin exercises for all the people here? Pweeeeeeese :D



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Well my starting stats were

Erect length = 6.6'
Erect Girth = 5.5'
Flaccid Length = 3/3.5'
Flaccid Girth = ?????
Erect Width = ?????
Flaccid Width = ?????
Erect Volume = ?????


Measured last night for the Pride Penis comp' at that site each month.

Erect Length = 8.25'
Erect Girth = 7.3 / 7.4'
Flaccid Length = 5.80 to 6' [Varies around this]
Flaccid Girth = 6.2'
Erect width = 2/2.1'
Flaccid width = 1.7'
Erect volume = 35.47 Cubic Iinches / 1.23 LB [Pounds]


I have been doing NPenis Enlargement for very near 2 years now, but not consistant.
I did like 4 months consistant at first than on and off, than none at all, than bits here and their and than 6/7 months consistant and now here and their.

I NEVER used to fo ANY stretching till recent, like last few months, plus thats why my girth is huge and my length not caught it up, or vise versa.


I do NPenis Enlargement whenever I can, I try to do at least 2/3 sessions a week and VERY hard and intense, its unreal ) I am covered in sweat and sore as hell down their when I finished, than I swing ma cock around and shout out like a gorilla

Its all good fun and I enjoy it, but very buisy at times.

Anyway as for the Rollin pjn thing:
Just get a rollin pin and do this:

Pull ya flaccid willy out and place the pin right at the base, in a way like a crow bar trying to break/wrench a lock off.

Pull ya cock out and do this action with the rollin pin, but in the opposite way of the pin.
This creates a GREAT tug and works well for the Tunica.

I remember a guy named Johan, from Thunderz mentioning he does the same thing but with a metal pipe,
Also he and I do Blasters while doing these, ya should feel a good stretch and even a burn feel.


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Ahh, I see, thanks, I'll go find something to try this with...

*stumbles off into the distance*


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Hey Redz is this a really good stretch (using a rollin pin) for the tunica?
red i got an idea for an exercise ...i dont think there is anything out like it yet or i haven't seen or heard of it ....but b4 i do it or tell the idea here i would like to run it by you first see if you think it is worth trying so i will pm you about it tonite or tom. morn. so be sure to check your private messages ...and let me kno what you think ....but personaly i think my idea will be a good extreme exercises .......



good news im 7 inches now. I accomplished that first goal. I will now attempt my next goal by trying to get a 8incher. Can u look at my routine in the routine sect and see if it looks good to you. I like your ongoin plan thread by the way:D

Penis Enlargementace


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Just finised doing a 50/60 minute session.

I did what I always do plus a few Penis Isometrics , which make the tendons and ligs be able to stretch further than ever.


I felt a few burns, a very sharp one to my left ligs on two occasions.
I didnt do any Sit-up streches today and very few Tunica rollin-pin strehces.
Tunica not really worked today, I chose not to.

I didnt do my clock/joystick strehces at FULL intensity like I mostly do.

I still did the Squat stretches very hard and good.
I missed the prostate massege out THIS TIME.
Also the erect bend was missed as well, plus the flaccid jelq.

I did do >

1] Squat Stretches
2] Few Jerks
3] Joystick and Clock stretches
4] Very vew Tunica stretches [rollin-pin]
5] Modified Lay-down stretch [The sides of the penis] DID ALOT and VERY intense
6] The presser
7] Circulation shakes [More this time]
8] The Roller Did this very intense with a turniquet around my cock at erect, made it go past 100% erect size.
9] Burn stretch


I have also been messin with new techniques with the Rolling pin.
I get it so thats it on top of my cock with my legs over each end, than I pull the penis upwards and hold, this is a great stretch .
I can feel the ligs on this very much.
Did a few of these.
Anything like this I call EXTRAS, methods that I just bundle in.
My cock is know sore when touched at the base.
The skin/tendons/ligs to the side REALLY got a good stretch in the modified lay down.
I could see the ligs at the very corner of the angle of the penis base where it meets the leg joint.

I can still feel the ligs as well, especially that left one.


I also mess with another new method.
When I come down on the Squat, I now sometimes from time to time when near the floor I stay crouched and pull my cock down and pull the rest of ma body up alittle so to make a stretch . While doing this I pull my cock left, right and hold it for say 5/10 seconds.
This really seems to stretch the base area, and I can feel it afterwards indeed.

It got to a point today where I COULD NOT do anymore lig work if I made ma self as I was experincing pain if I did.

So I guess thats I good workout?
I MIGHT do another session tonight, like a quick 15 minute one made up of Tunica stretches , the squat, ATS Roller, Erect bends and lay downs.

The ATS Roller really is an amazing exercise.
It gets the width and head HUGE.

I like that exercise the most, plus the squat and burner stretches , which are a modified 'A' stretch by DLD, I get a good stretch and pull , but I also have a vitamin tug on the top of the penis [near base] and the arm I pull with pushes down on this while the cock is being pulled out, this results in a GREAT maximum lig stretch when a reverse kegel is used as well.
The burn feeling results.

Anyways I have had a good1.



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Okay I have completly redone my routine, and will fully get into it tommorow Thursday.

Here it is >>>>

1) Do 800/1000 wet jelqs at 90/100% erect everyday.
Do them mixture of slow [3 secs] to fast [1 secs] movements and
hard grip, A-Okay palms down and palms up.

Will have these 800/1000 reps broken up thru' the day.


2) Do 200 Redzulu dry jelqs each day as well.


3) Do about 20 minutes [2 ten min' sessions] ATS Rollers each day


4) Do some Testicle hanging daily


5) Do some Penis hanging daily

Also I do kegels, mixture of reverse and normal plus I do Penis Isometrics from time to time.


Also taking my pills reguler daily

* Multi vitamin + minerals
* Cranberry Extract
* Zinc
* Ginkgo Biloba
* Korean Ginseng
* Cod Liver Oil


The above plan is really made for length now.
I know for a fact that the Wet jelq will give good length results.
The Arabs ONLY used the wet jelq, 7 days on and they gained great.
I need to take ma time with this.
I should see within about 3 months of doing the above for 7 on 0 off, some sort of gains.


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I have decided to do just the Hanging / Redzee Jelqs for the time being [2 weeks] on a 5 on 2 off or 6 on 1 off shedule.

My girth has increased ever so, only a few days of my RedZee Dry jelqs.
Keep ya posted.
And my Hanging is unbelivable, the stretch is awesome.
I never had my ligs/tendons/skin fatigued like this EVER.
I know with my new motivation and confidence that I will be bigger than most average men, I want length and am gunna fucking get it one way or DLD said......Die trying if I have to.......I will.


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As for my update:

Things seem to be going okay,
I have done this plan for 6 days now [1 rest day] but have not missed aday of the 20 minute 10lb BTC hanging .
I really feel the stretch like never before.
I lie on the bed with the weight hanging of, my legs elevated in the air and held.
I than slowly over the 20 mins' lower my legs so that they eventually after 15 mins' come to touch my arse, so I get a maximum stretch .
I also do the reverse kegel alot in my hanging , the pull is amazing its great.

I have a few bugs, like I am going to get the hanger to hang lower down the shaft, so I get more pull on the actual shaft [tunicae] than all on the ligs/tendons.

But I can feel the effects from the session more than 12 hours later.
I am soon probably tommorow, going to do 30 minutes instead of 20.
I feel I can now go this distance.

After a hang, I go to the bathroom, apply cold water for 1 minute, than apply a hot wrap for another minute, than another cold one, and again the hot wrap .

This is done for 5 mins' or so and is to help circulation/health/healing/growth of the penis but the cold actually helps the nerves more, as hanging can effect them more this helps remove alot if any swelling caused.

Also I still do my RedZee Dry jelqs, but not on a reguler set plan, I do them whenever BUT I am going to starting tommorow gunna do 400 daily, split into 2 sets of 200 reps.
I will also include the ATS Rollers as well.

But for now its just the hanging , I think it looks abit longer flaccid but its early days yet.


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Right okay,
I didnt do a full session lastnight as I had alittle tenderness in the ligs from a pre-session the night before, I did just 5 mins' ligament hanging with 10LB and a new workout....I did Tunicae Hanging , that focuses on the actual penis tissue getting stretched...this is done by having the weight device attached the same way, but I lie on the bed face down, with the weight hanging off....also I elavated abit at the front so not leaning into the device.
This way I get a good tug upwards on the penis, thus the Tunicae is stretched.

I will do this from now on.
Doing a 20 minute 10LB sesssion just like with the ligament work.

I aint cemented the ATS Rollers / RedZee D' Jelqs into the routine yet, but do a few RedZee's when I can, they work well for swelling the girth, I will do them more often probably getting into it tommorow than I will see after a few weeks if they really work.

Also I am trying a new way to hang from the method I use now.
I went to a vetarans site [Tom Hubbard-hanging god] and looked around for homemade stuff.
I found a good little device named the AFB.
It is so simple to make, uses the same concept as you would do using your index fingers pulling out the penis.
It can be done in 10 minutes or so.

The website is
It has visuals their as well, really good help.
I aint tryed it yet on me, but have tryed it with a rod as the penis, and it seems to work okay, later on I will try it and see if its better than the one I currently use.

I have done example pictures of this device that I done, with the pipe as the penis, I'll post them up here tommorow.

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