My New Invention That Doesn't Exist And Serves No Purpose


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Jun 18, 2003
Imagine a "Maximal Pussy Volume Calculating Dildo"...

An inflatable dildo that you insert into your lover's vagina and begin to inflate slowly. You keep inflating it until it reaches the point where a woman is perfectly filled and satisfied with it's length and girth and shape, contour, etc... it would still retain the shape of a cock of course. With separate controls for pumping up the shaft and head until the "ultimate" or "maximum" size and shape is reached. Like, the biggest and fattest she can take without pain. I guess you can increase the size "to taste".

Once that is accomplished, you can pull it out, measure it's dimensions and set your Penis Enlargement goals accordingly.

Then you can die trying to get that obscenely monstrous. Yay!!
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