This is what happened several years ago....Peyronies struck and I was the victum.... I write this as an account of what was going on in my life... I hope it will help some of you who might be suffering from Peyronies... What is happening to me? I woke up this morning and looked down and there was a 90 degree, yes, an "L" shape bend just behind my penis head. This bend pointed "ye ole penis" to my left. What is going on? Before the day was over, another bend occurred just above the base and turned my penis upward 45 degrees. That is how this all started! My "manhood," my pride of eight inches was suddenly reduced to bends and shrinkage. I had always prided myself with a really good penis and I thought I was very nicely endowed. Now look at it! Besides that, I could hardly "pee." I didn't know at the time what was happening and to be honest, I was scared to death. I immediately tried to straighten it out. That didn't work. Besides everything hurt. The pain was terrible. I tried again to pull it straight...nothing gave. I withdrew from my wife of 34 years. I sure didn't want her to see this monstrosity between my legs. I had access to the Internet and like most men, didn't know what to do because we don't ask directions, so, I tried to find out what happened. If you type in "bent penis" and look up each article the search engine gives you, it will surprise you what type of information you can find. Meanwhile the change in my penis continued. The bend was more permanent, the grotesqueness was overwhelming and I didn't know what to do. I finally went to see a urologist and he informed me that I had Peyronies. I had already ascertained that by myself. What to do? Take 400 units of vitamin E and see me in a few weeks. The vitamin E didn't see to work and 6 months later I was back to see the doc. Nothing he could do for me. Keep taking the vitamin E and call me. What was I to do. I began to work my penis like I had never worked a muscle in my body. I "jacked off" several times a day. Ejaculation about killed me. The pain was deep inside and it hurt like a fire. But I was not going to let this lick me!
I must digress a bit. I had read that some of this trauma to the penile muscle that caused Peyronies was caused when you had sex and the penis came out and the weight of the body (yours or hers) bent it or caused a trauma. That was not what happened to me. Nothing like that had happened. I had recently undergone a long drawn out time of battling a kidney stone and the urologist went up the penis with a tube the size of "well, you don't want to know" and viewed into the bladder. He was a rough old doc and was not as careful as he could have been and should have been. Bingo, the bends came a day or so after this. No use whining over it, get on with the cure. I must also admit and to my shame tell you that are reading this that I had let my penis get "out of shape." I didn't have those rock hard erections I used to have. I was not sexually as active as I used to be and thus, I was more susceptible to what could and did happen.
What am I going to do? Kept at the masturbation and that gave me some hope. Pain subsided some. Went on line on the Internet found a site that said if I used a penis pump, that would help straighten the Penis. Boy, at this time in your life, everything looks good. I read about injections and medication and the bottom line was they made you sick. I read about surgery and that was out! The injections were not covered by insurance and very expensive and most said they didn't help anyway. AND, I didn't like the idea of putting a needle into my penis anyway, so that was out. So, bought a penis pump. Got a 2 inch tube and a nice white pump . Perplexed because the pump was cheaper at the NAPA store . When I started using the tube, I sucked my balls up into the tube with the Penis. So, I sent away to another company and bought a smaller tube. But, while I didn't know what I was doing, I was making progress. The masturbation was helping to get some erections which hurt like fire, but the penis was coming to life again. The pump pulled some of the bend out. Did pumping every day for 6 months. Had to learn not to use so much pressure. I was over zealous and wanted that penis straight now!. Got a "doughnut" and red spots but soon learned what was happening. Sure stretched the skin though, through the mistakes. I now have a foreskin that I didn't have before. that is another story!
The painful part of this whole procedure was two fold: One was the plaque on the top side of my penis just above the base. It was a quarter sized piece of hard-shell stuff. I had some plaque at the end of the penis behind the glans but not nearly as bad. This on the top of the penis was big and hard and really nasty. What was the 2nd painful part...I was now down under 6 inches in length . the scar tissue had pulled the length away and that part hurt. Pride maybe, but still a great loss.
Never have been a quitter so just kept working and taking vitamin E. Found out about Penis Enlargement and began doing some of the exercises and learned about jelqing and stretching . Tried some hanging but didn't do much of that. I bought memberships in a couple of sites that promised to cure peyronies and soon I found out I knew more than they did. Developed some email friends and we compared notes. I found out I was gaining more than most of them. The plaque on the top of the penis was starting to get smaller, the bend was nearly gone on the end. I still had a noticeable curve in the middle but was working on that. I kept working and bending and stretching and working and bending and doing what I could and should.
Hey, got to the place where I could even talk about it. First talked to some friends, then to my wife. Remember this, that during the first couple years of this, I had no sex, would not even let her know what was wrong. She felt rejected and I was certainly not happy. After all, a hand is no real substitute for the real thing! Her acceptance of what I was going through was more than I could even imagine. Sure wish I had told her more when this happened, but now she knew and was very supportive. Our first sex was scary, traumatic and exhilarating all at once. It was not easy and I must confess far from what I wanted. But, again, we kept working at it. Now it was we. She encouraged me and that was a great help. (as a side, daily sex is a wonderful thing and we enjoy it... sometimes twice a day!)
Meanwhile, I was still pumping , not as much. But the stretching was doing some good. Went to see another doctor and he said what all say, that no one really does any research on Peyroneis. Another doctor a year later said that I would probably never get any length back because the scar tissue had taken it's toll. Well, not to be sidetracked, I came upon Thundersplace and read stuff there and started doing what some of the members talked about. I sent a personal message to DLD and a friendship started. He sent me some of the exercises that he was developing for peyronies and I started to do them. I immediately started to see some great change. The plaque was nearly all gone from the middle of the penis and I started to work on that in the glans area. Soon all the plaque, remember this was hard and large, in the center of the penile shaft was gone, and at this time, nearly all the plaque in the glans area is being moved away too.
Now the big one. Will I ever get any length back? I had been jelqing and the girth had increased to the 6 inch mark. That was new. Still not any length . DLD gave me the exercises you find on his site and within a short few weeks, I was at 6 and a half inches. Another week and I could flaccid stretch 6 and 3/4 and then I was at 7 inches. Eight inches was coming I thought.
During this time, I would face some set backs and DLD was there to encourage me and to tell me this was normal and he was right. I hit a 7 and 1/4 flaccid stretch recently. That is over an inch from what I was a few months ago. Am I encouraged and pleased. Sure, I have confidence that I will gain that length that I lost. I can tell you that sex with my wife is awesome. Because I have a penis that is in "shape" and alive. Penis Enlargement is the greatest thing that you can do to keep your penis from getting "flabby and out of shape." Keeping the penis is good shape will keep you from being so very susceptible to Peyronies. There is hope after Peyroneis. GS


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Man, I had never been to this area of the forum before, but I must say that that is a great story. I am very happy for you that you have found a way to resolve your problems, and I am glad to hear you are getting your length back. Congratulations on the gains in both length and girth, and here's to you hitting your 8 inch mark once again (and going beyond that if you wish :) ).



Great story German Stallion. I gotta admit the idea of peyronies got my kinda freaked out though. I'll just keep doing Penis Enlargement to lower my chances.


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Originally posted by shonen
Great story German Stallion. I gotta admit the idea of peyronies got my kinda freaked out though. I'll just keep doing Penis Enlargement to lower my chances.
Same here, but VERY awesome story, glad to see it's working out! ;)



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hy everybody
i have perony and i need help...what can i do?whic is the metod to make jelq for perony?
my penis is becaming little not in length but in girth
help me
thank you
hope i find a solution

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