My hanging set-up & wrap


Worked out a really good hanging setup you guys might want to try. Pretty simple, it's just a pulley close to the floor, with my bed along the same vertical plane as the pulley. So the pulley is a few inches above the bed and a few inches from the foot of the bed. This allows me to hang lying down! For lazyasses like me this is cool. I can read, do homework or watch TV while hanging . And I can hang in any angle just by positioning myself a different way, SU, SO, SD , BTC, fulcrum, anything.

For all the hangers out there you should get a pulley. Experiment with different positions to get comfortable while you hang, its bad enough having to deal with a purple head and skin stretching .

Oh ya, I don't even wrap either, just lay out a cut piece of sock into the Bib and Im good to go.
Pulley huh? Sounds interesting. I might mess around with it but I dont want to have to assemble and disassemble an Erector set every night that I hang.

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