Ok, for years I've been doing Penis Enlargement. The last 6 months I've actually made great gains in girth. Each month I seem to gain more and more faster, because I am learning how my body reacts to certain Penis Enlargement exercises and time to heal with these routines. Plus I am not following anyone elses routine, but I feel how my penis reacts to the amount of certain exercises.

I unfortunately have pretty much given up on gaining length , I plateaued a long time ago and maybe have gained 1/8 of an inch the last 3 months. But still I am gaining more in girth, harder erections and better stamina.

Only once or twice a week do I do an intense sessions. The reason being if I do too much, my dick won't heal fast enough and will loose strong erections for weeks sometimes. 6 out of 7 days I do my girth routines and stretches in the shower .

1) warm up 5 minutes
2) stretch 5 minutes and some v-stretches .
3) grab the base of the shaft with my left hand applying pressure, kegel while I do small jelqs to expand my penis. Apply baby oil and jelq and kegel. Applying pressure to the base/clamping the bottom holding more blood in, keep doing 3 second jelqs making sure your penis isn't rock hard but very ply-able and able to pinch well.
4) do alternate jelqs downward while jelqing slowly, one hand following the other, penis should be 110% expanded or this exercise won't be as useful.
5) rotate with 3 and 4.

Remember that to gain great girth you need to be fully expanded but not rock hard or you will just end up with a lot of blood spots or just a swollen penis around your foreskin. So keep your dick always warmed up and expand and you'll get great girth gains.

The other reason I do this sometimes 2 times a day is because I want my penis to get used to the expansion and not go back to original size. So I am engorged all the time, sometimes a little sore but not in a hurting state which also helps keep my penis engorged which I feel is also giving me great gains. If your penis becomes swollen around the circumcised area thats ok, but you'll need 2-3 days rest, thats water retention. Keep aware of how your body react to certain exercises, breaks, and time. This is what will help give you good gains, at least for myself.
Oh yes, the above exercise I'm doing, I started and month and a half ago. I gained 1/2 and inch in girth! Not bad uh. And also got my penis to expand another 1/2 half inch. So after each 15 minute sessions I end up with 6.5 inch girth, down to 6 inches the next day, 6.25 if I squeeze the base a bit. 2 weeks ago I got my dick up to 7 inches in girth after an intense session. Next day I went back down to 6.5, next day 6. Part of this was because I did too much and had some water retention from such a long work out. I didn't to Penis Enlargement for a week after that to heal. But now I get my dick expanded to 6.5 right away! Nice!
You'll all appreciate this.

I hooked up with my girlfriend 4 months ago, which by the way she looks exactly like Aria Geovoni (did I spell that right), she gets so many freaken guys and even girls hitting on her and trying to ask her out, but she loves me to death which is just so amazingly awsome. Years ago would have worried about other guys hitting on her, but if I think about a but now, she would be out of her mind to hook up with any guy who couldn't live up to how I treat her and fuck her. Oh how happy we make each other.

Like just the other night, I made her cum 6 times in under an hour, plus we went on for another hour. Before Penis Enlargement I wouldn't have been able to do this. She goes crazy over my size. She loves it, its crazy what it does to a girl. She's always saying, 'what am I going to do about him', 'it's huge!', 'you have no idea just how big you are do you?!', 'your so big', 'ouch'.

It's actually a good thing I can't make any more length gains because I alot of the time I reach her in places in certain positions she freaks out and sometimes hurt her because of it. The girth though, yeah, I notice the last 2 weeks alone she is having more orgasims because of it. She also can only take half my dick now now when she is blowing me, 2 months ago she could take 5/6ths of me. So awsome, girth is better for sure, not as important as the length to a point. Wouldn't mind having another inch in length , just would have to be careful with her for sure.
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Hydromaxm, your girth routines are 15mins? How does your normal girth routines look like? (not the intense ones, assuming this was the intense one.)

And i didn't really get exactly how that routine went.. Was it..

1. warm up
2. stretch
3. Grab the base and hold. then
do some jelqs and kegling and then
apply baby oil and some more jelqs and then
some more holds at the base and then....
do some more jelqs.
4. some more jelqs downward(to the floor?)
5. rotate with 3 and 4

if i missunderstood anything, please correct me :)
also! do you recommend splitting my girth routine into two, 12am-1pm and one at 8-9pm?

Should i then go with the 5on2off approach? :p :)
Ummm, starting out, diffenitely only do it once a day. If your sore take a day break. You'll get the same advice else where here, do what feels right, listen to your body. Work your way up. You can really hurt yourself and won't be able to do Penis Enlargement for weeks if you over do it. As for my routine. It verys, I was being plain about it.

1 - 2 times a day in the shower ;

1) warm up, steam, rag, or plastic water bottle
2) stretch , do various stretches , say 5 minutes
3) do 20 kegel and jelqs to get pumped up
4) hold the base with weaker hand, do what feels right, it shouldn't hurt, the purpose is to hold more blood in (the bigger you get, the less you may have to do this), with other hand do small 2-3 inch jelqs with baby oil being 100-110% engorged but not rock hard. If your hard it seems that your only pumping up the outside of your cock, may be more of water build up. Make sense?
do as many of these that feel good, and kegel, hold, what ever is the best for you.
5) alternate doing 3 second downward jelqs one hand after the other making sure less blood escapes and keeping yourself really engorged.

hope this helps you. Dude! don't over do it like I used to, you'll just slow yourself down and it'll be temporary. thats why I do 2 50 minute intense sessions a week. And now light 1-2 15 minutes sessions a day just to keep up the stretch .
Yeah RED, thanks, I did try your constrictors, but I ended up getting more water build up around my circumcision. Same with doing too many jelqs. Thats why I use my other hand instead of a tie, I just get a more natural expansion this way as well as I use it to pump myself when I kegel. These gains are so awsome, can't believe it took me this long to find such a great technique.
I forgot to mention another thing I do which I think is contributing to the great gains I'm getting.

after about say 100-200 wet jelqs with the other hand that is holding the base/pressure to hold the blood in so I'm 110-120% engorged full past the max...make the ok sign with your base hand and squeeze, kegel, squeeze, kegel, squeeze, hold...now with the other hand pinch your engorged (not hard!) dick widening it and engorging it. Do this about 20 times, then with your jelq hand still squeezing the base, turn your hand 180 degrees grabbing your dick and your head and bend it in different directions for 20 seconds each. Be careful not to be too hard or over do it, your just trying to stretch , not hurt yourself. This works! do it right, take it easy.

NiCe! just got done doing a 15 minute session, didn't do one this morning. My girth is 6.75 right now! hell yeah. this works so freakin good. I'm off to see my girl now and drink some tequila!
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OKAY! Now lemme get this straight.

First you grip at the base to hold blood in 110% engorged, THEN you do jelqs starting from the base and up to the glans(and still holding the base) AND then you do jelqs starting from the glans and down (while still holding the base).

This must be correct? ;) :gluedtosc
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I keep my jelqs to 2 to 3 inches of about 2 seconds each and not going all the way up to the head as to not get water build up. you can hold the base when you jelq downwards, if it works for you. And yes hold the base when you do the other jelq technique, and actually having done this for almost 2 months now I have shaped/sculpted my dick, it's not a straight pole, mushroom look or what plain jelqing did was make my base bigger and not the top half, I think they call it the baseball bat syndrome. Well gripping the base and using that same hand to pump while you kegel and jelq will shape your dick into a great form and get rid of the upside down bat of a cock.

My dick gets sucked inside my girl now, seriously, she gets swollen so fast when I'm in her I really have to pull out hard to get out of her, it's a huge difference with the friction when your cock is bigger as it goes to the head as well as the head. I may not be making length gains, but I have the gained the most awsome shaped/built dick now as well as huge girth. It's awsome, my girl loves it!
Wow, thinking about now, I have way past my previous goals of length and girth. I've been gaining so much girth I am going to shoot for a 1/2 inch gain this month. Possible? I think so, If anything I know I will gain 0.25" this month the way the gains are goin. I'm going to make a more solid routine to share and make more since for you all that are interested the beginning of January.

So here it is, my girth is a solid 6" now, 6.25" slightly pressed, 6.5" after workout, 7" after extreme workout.
I'm going to take 3 days off starting today and then get right back into this again. I'm way excited, I think I'll be able to gain 1/2" an inch this month, I'll share in 2 and a half from weeks, the gains.

I haven't measured my length in a month, it looks like I gained some, I'll measure the beginning of January. Cheers.

My new goal ---->> 8" X 7.5"!
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My girl and I went to a porn store for the first time. This was a huge store , hundreds of condoms and lotions. But to our surprise they didn't have any extra large condoms! Out of all the different condoms they had only one type that was and they rarely reorder. Makes me think just how many guys out there really aren't that big, and for us guys that fit into them are lucky as hell.

The Large condoms have been cutting off my circulation lately, we have to stop sex for a few minutes, I have to take it off and put a new one on, if I don't it ends up breaking on us anyway. Damn, last night my girl was amazed by how big my girth was, with the condom on I had to have been 6.75 girth, maybe 7! I wasn't swollen, but the lower part of the condom rolled up a bit from the base, being much snugger which was holding more blood in.

Guess we got to go to different porn stores to find the EL condoms. Yay!
I'd thought I'd add what herbs I'm taking, I'm taking these for my hair shedding. I never had a hair shedding problem until I took those stupid penis pills for 4 months 2 years ago.

I read that feverfew is very good for your blood vessels.

MSM 2x
Horsetail 2x
Feverfew 2x
Multivitamen 1x
Llysine 1x

Once or twice a week I take Stamina-RX, but only half at a time.
Every work out I do is different in reps and time, I do it all until I feel I'm good and stretched but not overdue it.

So I'll just start posting my everyday routine. But really, I feel telling you my reps aren't the best for you or anyone, since everyone is different in size, strength, and healing. Try the techniques I'm doing, that's why I created this profile. The emount of reps and days off is something I feel everyone has to find on there own.

Saturday -
Off Day (stretch in shower for 5 minutes, lightly)

Friday Morning -
Stretched 5 minutes in shower
Did my dream jelqs with baby oil (did 200) 110% engorged, not hard.

Friday Night -
2 hours of fun filled sex with my girl

Sunday -
Off Day (stretch in shower for 5 minutes, lightly)

Monday -
Off Day (stretch in shower for 5 minutes, lightly)

Tuesday Morning -
Stretched 5 minutes in shower
Did my dream jelqs with baby oil (did 150) 95% engorged, not hard.

Tueday Night -
Still have yet to do...

*These jelqs I do with the weaker hand cupping the base or just putting light pressure on it I use to pump while I kegel when I need to and can. The other hand is the jelq hand. When I'm 110% engorged, I hold the base and use the stronger hand and pinch in 1cm distances up 2 inches however many times I like (the point is to expand when your already way expanded, don't do these till your warmed up and at 200 of my jelqs). Then theres the two handed downward jelq I do, one hand after the other to keep my self engorged and pulling. Mix these all together. These are the only exercises I do, so when I say 'dream jelqs' that are above, you will know what I mean to save myself typing time.

I'm still taking it easy on my work outs for the next few days, blood spots aren't going away as fast, so I'm being smart and not over doing it. So eventually I'll write out my 1 hour work outs.
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My routine is freaken great, but looks like I'm not going to gain another half inch as quick as I was wanting to. I've been getting carried away and doing dry jelqs every so often with out warming up and my girl gets so turns on she loves to grab my dick with both her hands and twist yank.
Got too many blood spots and getten sore. Looks like I have to take a week and a half off so it doesn't keep coming back as easy. Bummer. Had a great workout tonight, but I don't want to end up with a discolored dick. Grrrrrr. It's going to be hard to stop Penis Enlargementing for even 2 days.
It's been 5 days of no Penis Enlargement, I so want to really bad. The blood spots are gone but I still have some discoloration on the left side of my circumcision scar. So I'm going to wait for that to fade away which is really hard to do since I was getting such great gains. I seems I have lost .25 in girth I gained, but I know once I do a light morning session I will get it back.

So early next week I am getting back into this again with a better more solid routine which I'll post. So the plan is to do just my girth exercises till the end of January. In Febuary I am going back into getting more length which is the hardest for me to gain.
Any thoughts on using the Bib hanger ? What would be the best for me to help out getting some length ?
I actually had ordered the Penimaster months back and used it everyother day for 2 hours each for a month. It ridiculous how much time you would need to spend wearing it to get gains. I had lost .25 of my girth from it and didn't gain in erect length but did very much in flacid, plus my circulation wasn't that great with it.
I do V-stretches , but it just isn't enough. Anyway that's for Febuary. I'm going to record my gains with this workout over a 6 week time for you guys for getting some awsome girth. Cheers.

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