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Hey there guys! This is my first post and my start into the world of pe'ing. Seems there is a world of knowledge on this board and not enough time to go through it all (as of yet). But from what I have read this sounds very exciting and I am looking foward to some GREAT changes and it is a pleasure to be here!!!

I am somewhat new (and still skeptical) to the world of pe'ing. 'Bout 2 years ago, I stumbled on a site that sold manuals on how to manual jelq. I didn't have the greatest success doing this, but then again...I didn't really try much either. Two weeks ago I stumbled across a different site that sells this Power Jelq device and I am giving it a try. So far so good. It seems to work alot better than manual jelqing (for me). Tonite (#3), I finally felt like I had a good workout mainly because I put a cock ring around my balls to keep the excess skin back. I am cut, but what skin I do have seems to just get in the way.

My routine so far is:
Stretch and hold for 20 seconds (in all directions)
Warm up (shower or heat pad)
Power Jelq 50 times
Kegel 20
Power Jelq 50 times
Kegel 20
Warm down

My pc muscle must be really really weak...I have read of guys that kegel and hold for extended periods of time...and I can't hold it for more than 5 seconds. DONT LAUGH!!!! :D

My beginning measurements are pretty lame: once again dont laugh!!!!

BPFL = 4" - not pressed = like 2.5"-3"
FG = 3.75"

BPenis EnlargementL = 5.25"
EG = 4.5"

Goals: ???

Thicker and longer when I am flaccid and erect of course!!!

I have read of finding one's LOT and cant seem to find mine as of yet. I have yet to see at any angle where there is NO tug...however, at 6 o'clock is where there is little tug. So, what does that mean and what I need to do about it?? I am still a little lost on that one! Sorry ?:(

Anyways, sorry for the long post...I just wanted to introduce myself and say a few things, but I might be rambling now.

OH! and any advice from anyone here is greatly appreciated...just as anyone here...I would like to see gains as quickly as possible...but I know it will take time. Thanks in advance!

Once again...pleasure to be here!!!


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Welcome to the forums!! Dunno how I coulda missed your post? Oh well. Your routine seems a little bit on the light side, but then again I dunno how intense the Power Jelq device is. I reccomend you pyramid your Jelqing. Say add 20 Jelqs a day (I only say this low amount because, over time, they will add up.) You could also incorporate some V-Stretches into your exercise.. Actually, have a read of this:


Mostly look at the V-Stretches and the Squatting stretches , these are two fantastic exercises.

The two best things you could do to track your progress, is to post a picture or twenty in the Picture Proof forums of your penis, with a ruler. Also, be sure to start a progress log, this has helped me tremendously when I go back and look at what yielded me some good gains.

As for your LOT question, I'm curious myself, there has been so many changes in the way you find out your LOT, that they lost me. I'm not sure if it's when you SEE or when you FEEL your tugback. If it's SEE, then my LOT is below 6:00, if it's FEEL then my LOT is about at 8:30-9:00. Oh well, welcome again!

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Thank you ItsElectric. Good to hear from someone. It's a start on a welcome here. Maybe I am an outsider because I mentioned the Power Jelq, but I mean no offense. Like I said earlier...I tried the manual jelq for a little while and it just didn't work for me. If this device aids in my gains, then good for me right? That's what we are all here for...right? To get gains!

Maybe my routine is a bit light, but I am starting out slow and not wanting to rush into things. Thanks for mentioning the stretches that I should incorporate into my routine. I will do it tomorrow when I start up again because I took today off. I will work on getting some pics with a ruler, but a bit hesitant to post them on here because I am small. But hopefully with dedication and guidance from fellow pe'ers, that will soon change.

Once again, if anyone has and advice that could possibly assist with my gains...speak up! I have an open ear.


Welcome again wannabebiggerkc. Sorry I too overlooked the newbie forum. Shame on me...I do agree with ItsElectric that your start routine is on thelight side. I am not sure if you dedicate more time but, the more time invested the quicker the return. Definately work on those kegals as they are paramount to any increases not to mention overall prostate health. I would start your kegals at 300 per day and increase 100 per week until you are at least doing 500 per day. You'll be amazed at how fast you can get even a thousand a day if you want to do them. You can do them while driving to work/school and even do them sitting in a crouded restraunt. No one will know you are doing them. I personally do upwards of 1500 per day or more... quit counting. I hate to burst your bubble so quick but I thing you should put away the power jelqing device for now and use manual exercises. Get a solid routine established and get your body used to the exercises and if you want to use the power jelqing device as an added exercise. It is too easy to injure yourself if used improperly. See thread: http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26&highlight=dry+jelqing . Dry or wet jelqing is a matter of personal preference. Also there is a wealth of information at http://www.thundersplace.com/forum , both are very good sources. DLD is the Penis Enlargement guru though. I would venture to say that you will do better here but having more sources will help you define out a routine that works for you. Be sure to read the post in Mental Penis Enlargement. This will also help you along the way. As far as determining your LOT see thread: http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1940&highlight=bibs+lot+theory . If you still don't understand ask. We will gladly assit you. Finally near the top is a search button. You will find this feature very valuable in seeking out answers and retrieving lots of information on what you are intersted in most. As far as you doubts my starting stats were identical to yours. I now currently 7-1/2 X 5-1/4. This stuff does work with dedication and hard work. Nothing good comes easy. Good luck in your Penis Enlargement adventure.


Hey, read DLD's post for beginners, the first post in the newbie forum and structure your routine around it to start. This routing is a very good start.

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