My first post in celebration of my first goal reached!


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Hi everyone! Finally, after far too long I am coming out of hiding to get active with everyone else here. Just a quick intro about myself if anyone is interested: (skip this paragraph to go straight to my gains if you want)

I stumbled onto Penis Enlargement forums and Thunder's place a couple of years ago (i think, it seems so long ago) and was first exposed to the idea of Penis Enlargement and the legend himself, DLD. After trying some basic Penis Enlargement (somewhat sporadically) I actually made some gains, but I started to have big problems at University and eventually dropped out. After some soul-searching I am back, happier and healthier than ever before. I am 1 1/4 years into my new degree and am loving it and almost everyone in my course knows me (after being a real loner in my past degree). I have also become very interested in exercise and nutrition (which lead to my current degree, Health Science with a major in Nutrition) and have put on close to 40 pounds of lean mass to my former 5'11, 110 pound computer geek body.

Now my gains, I know it's what you've all been waiting for ;)
Going back to when i started Penis Enlargement the first time (2 years ago or whatever) I was 6 NBP erect and 6.5 BPenis EnlargementL (yeah, only .5 inch fat pad, i said i was 110 pounds, no fat and no muscle either). Anyway i haven't measured for ages so I got out the ruler last night after my workout (after doing the newbie routine for a couple of weeks now) and after measuring a few times (had to double check, was so surprised) i'm now exactly 6.5 NBP and 7.5 BPenis EnlargementL (got a little more fat pad after bulking up for a year :) )

Anyway, hope everyone's still awake after all that, sorry, i tend to prattle on a bit sometimes but i wanted to say thanks to all the guys that put so much effort into Penis Enlargement developing new techniques and helping fellow guys out, i love this forum because it's such a supportive environment! Time to do some lazy ass stretches whoooo!


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Hey thanks you guys! It's funny, when i checked to see if there were any replies noticed DLD was the latest person to reply and I was thinking "wow, DLD himself replied to my thread!" lol, it's like you're a celebrity DLD!

I'm really happy with what i've done so far, but i'm not done yet! i'd like another 1/2 inch length and 1/4 girth by the end of this year. Oh, i just realised i didn't tell my girth in the original post, it's spot on 5.5 which isn't too bad i think. I guess i'm quite happy now with 7.5 BPenis Enlargement and 5.5 girth but why settle? It's the same with going to the gym, i'm pretty happy with the way i look now (after being puny for 21 years) but why stop there? I think life's too short to just blend in with the crowd, i want to give it my all and stand out and have people say "damn, that dude's buff" and girls say "wow you're dick is huge!" If it's possible then why not go and do it?
Yeah I still get that wee buzz when DLD replies to my posts lol

Congrats mate, both on the gains and on de-lurking :)

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