My first month at PE


Well, I've been at it for 4 weeks now. So far I have gained 1/4 inch in length and 1/8 inch in girth. Not too bad for a beginner, eh? :s

Have been following the Phase one routine from the MOS site and for the last week I have also added hanging to my routine.

A typical day: 6:30 - 7:30 AM Warm up, then two sets of beginner stretches up/down/left/right and rotary. Then about 30-40 minutes jelqing.

Late evening 9-11:00 PM Three sets of beginner stretches followed by hanging 5 lbs for 15 min then 10 min rest to restore circulation (repeat three times) then warm down. Been sqezzing in kegles (no pun intended) on the way to work and sometimes during the work day.

I was a little slow getting into a regular routine, especially when it came to doing jelques. But I've done my stretches every day and I'm getting better about doing kegles as well.

Goal: To carch up to DLD :O rofl

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