My DLD-Blaster interpretation


Apr 24, 2009
I just wanted to share my present modified version of the DLD Blasters.

At their present state it is jsut experimental, but rather somewhere between both versions from DLD than something new mixed with my way of timing the routine.

Without further blabla, lets start...

You start with the upward stretch , hold, start kegling for 2 minutes, hold a kegel for 20 second, slowly transition into a reverse kegel, hold this for 10 seconds, done...

Next you do a bundled blaster (A-stretch , bundled )... It is a bit fucked up to hold the rotation somewhere infront the middle of the thigh length but whatever... Apply the same kegling procedure as with the upward version, but the normal kegling is done for 1 minute only here.

Next you are going to repeat this with the other side. I usually go like right hand upward, 30 second break, right hand bundled , 30 second break, left hand upward, 30 second break, left hand bundled which should total 10 minutes. Check that each bundle is performed in the opposite direction and do all kegels until full contraction (pull/push as far as possible).

The funny thing with this is that it causes another type of soreness inside than other stuff. Most stretches only cause the soreness in the base region and the NewbieX stretches cause them deep inside, but this blaster version somehow is different.

Some fine tuning may occur, but 90%+x is done.

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