My diet, supplements, rop,etc have really changed my quality of life for the better


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Oct 25, 2003
Not sure what, probably a combination of things. But since I changed my diet and supplementation, I feel like a whole new person.

My diet is basically like Bill Phillips ( former owner of Metrx, EAS, Body for Life,etc) writes about in the begining of his new book Eating For Life. At first I though he looked like he shrunk a lot and didnt have much mass,etc. But fuckit, Im not trying to be massive anymore. I just want to be as lean as possible while still having good size. I eat 6 meals a day and always have dessert.

For supplements I take NO2, only 2 per day, rather than the 8 or so as directed. I take a Solotron vitamin at lunch and I take 4000mg of C, spread out 4 times in the day. I drink Propel vitamin water , and take the recommended 3 ZMA before bed. i wear the ROP 24/7 and I think that has helped. I have a call to attend to so. I will add to this later.


Yeah man I know what you mean. Last semester I gained almost 20 pounds (!!!) because my diet was so crap. I didn't exercise at all. Of course, before that I was a little under weight, so I needed some of it, but not 20 lbs. This semester I've been eating well and I'm now starting to exercise again, and take my vitamins like I should and all that. And I usually drink 3-5 liters of water per day. I now feel really thirsty if I don't. I barely had any water today and I have a headache now.

Anyway, I feel SO much better now, and the little bit of extra fat is coming off. My goal is to be really lean and really strong. I don't care so much about being huge, but strong is where it's at for me. I used to be a gymnast, and my stomach was so hard people would hurt their hands if they punched me. Guys 3 years older than me and a lot bigger were afraid to piss me off. They were my friends, so even if they did I wouldn't hurt them, but it was cool having people think of me like that. So I'm on my way back to being like that.

Oh yeah...and I wear the ROP 24/7!! I love it!


Mar 24, 2004
Cool man, just be careful with suppliments, alot of that stuff you just piss out, so you can send me yer money to flush down the toilet instead LOL