My current routine

Oct 15, 2003
"My current routine"
Well, I just started this routine a couple days ago, though it seems this routine is doing wonders in only under a couple days of doing it, since i've been plateau for 4 months now..I've added 1 new thing to my regular routine, and made it a bit more intense, which is as follows:

Routine: 3 on 1 off

warmup: if i get a chance, or have enough time i will take a shower with my cable clamp on, doing ulis (use an old washcloth for wrapping ) and usually stay in for about 10-15min.

wet jelq for 10min.

then on again with the cable clamp for uli for 20min. or if I have more time I leave it on for up to 40min tops (20min at a time)


Finally i gotten enough confidence built up and began hanging the other day with my captnhook's wench.

My setup for hanging however is a tad different from others (I think) i lay in my bed and hang with the weight hanging from the end of the bed with an almost bungie cord, but they are the cords used for physical therapy.. anyway i hang with only 5lbs for now. I hang for an hour a day, though sometimes broken up into sets. The thing is, with my setup, when I move up in my bed, or make the bungie cord shorter, it is more resistant. Giving me a better stretch just by making the cord shorter or moving up a little bit in my bed..

I think this current routine will certainly break my plateau in record time too.

current size:

EBPL: 8.2in
ENBP: 7.5in
EG: 4.9in
Flaccid: 3.5in

I will keep you posted on my progress :) If all goes well, a nice before and after picture will be coming.. As well as my current hang setup.

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