My current routine....



"My current routine...."
Now that all my shit is falling in line and I have my own place and the privacy I've needed since I began well over 3 years ago, I'm back at it! My new routine will be: Monday through Thursday, stretch with baby powder as a grip aid using DLD blasters and A&V type stretches for 30 minutes first thing in the morning. When I get in at night, hang for at least an hour but, will do my best to do more than that. Fridays are short days for me so, I will stretch as usual for 30 minutes in the morning and, after I get home in the early afternoon, I will hang as many sets throughout the day as possible. Saturday and Sunday will also be "max hanging " days. Dont get me wrong, my whole life will not revolve around this stuff but, I will do my best to put in as much time as I can in this effort. I'll keep ya'all posted. I'm not doing any girth work right now.
Jun 3, 2003
"My current routine...."
hey stillwantmore....glad you are able to get back into Pe'ing got a great looking routine ......

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