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Nov 11, 2003
To all MoS members ,
Well I have been on this forum for a while and it has helped me so much. And also I thought it was about time I gave back to the Penis Enlargement community. So I am going to post all the stuff I downloaded from the net during all these years. Anyway hope this helps.

Approaching Women
There are hundreds of ways to successfully approach a woman. You should feel comfortable with your approaches so that you use them with confidence. The technique you use to approach women will vary and depend on the situation and surroundings in which you see the woman you want to attract and seduce.


Always have confidence
Make her feel safe immediately
Get her name and use it when you talk to her
Use your techniques
Do not be afraid of rejection!
Recognize the Opportunity

Anytime and anywhere are the right time and the right place to meet a woman. You are surrounded by endless opportunities to approach women; you just need to see them all! Each time you notice an attractive woman crossing your path, be aware that this may be the only time you’ll ever see her. So do not hesitate to approach her, if she blows you off so what? At least you know you tried and you got valuable practice. If she blew you off, she was not worth it, so simply move on to a woman who is worth it.

With that said, if you like what you see and hope to see her again, act quickly. Initiate conversation, build trust and get her vitals (Name, something the two of you have in common, and her phone number!)

What are some quick and easy approach lines you can use anywhere?

The best ice breaker is the simplest: saying "Hi" with a smile. Simple, yet true. Once you start the conversation, you should say something that will encourage further response from her. Next, you need to make a statement or ask a question that shows you have an interest in her. Men and women both automatically warm up and feel good when they know someone is interested in them. The icebreaker can be a compliment or comment on something she is wearing or carrying. It can also be one of several other techniques listed below.

Typically your approach, whatever it is, will lead to one of the common and proven conversations below. Learn them and practice them. Then, adapt these suggestions to your personal style and to what you feel comfortable with. You can use these techniques seperately or together to get the success you want. The key is to Practice, Practice, Practice, until you deliver them perfectly. The only way to practice is to approach women so think of all the possible dates or more that you will get even in your practice mode!

1. Use a Compliment

When you see a woman you want to talk to, look at her carefully. Notice something about her that you like, and tell her what you like about it. Be truthful when you compliment her – women can sense sincerity. A sincere compliment is an easy way to show your appreciation for her and the care she takes to look good. Compliment her outfit, her hair, her eyes, or her manicured fingernails – something specific about her that you are attracted to. Be creative and personal with your compliments.

Examples: Compare her eyes or lips to something beautiful or sensual, but do not be cheesy or pick a comparison that is so obvious that she has heard it a thousand times.

Compliment the way she does something - plays a sport, or something she does at work your compliment will depend on the situation in which you meet her.

It is important to notice something specific about her, and
not to use a general come-on line.

No matter what type of compliment you decide to give her, be sure to personalize it. It helps to memorize a few generic lines and tailor them to the woman you are talking to at the time.

2. Use a Conversation Piece

Using a conversation piece as an icebreaker can be very effective and can be used anywhere. It is especially good if you briefly meet a woman, as you can adapt it to any location. If you keep probing her for information, and time runs out, then you have the opportunity to ask her to lunch. Ask for her number, or give her your card.

What are conversation pieces? If she is carrying something like a briefcase and is in your office building, ask her if she works there. If she is outside or in a coffee shop with a briefcase, ask her if the coffee shop is her way of escaping the hectic work place and point to the briefcase. Look for something unique and make a conversation piece. Think of situations and have some practiced and ready to use!

3. Talk about the current situation or location

If you are at an event or function, you obviously have something in common; use the event as an icebreaker. Maybe something funny or unusual just happened, use it to start a conversation. If it is an event related to a hobby or sport, ask her interests, how long she has been into it, is this her first visit. Sometimes playing the role of being the new person and asking her for help works wonders.

4. Ask a General Question

Tried, tested, and trued. This technique is a simple, effective way to engage in conversation with an attractive woman. Look at the woman you want to talk to and ask her any question – from "Do you have the time?" to "I this the best place to eat?" It is better to ask a good question to which you might actually need the answer. You can ask her where a certain restaurant is, or how to find the nearest bank. About anything will work, but the more you can relate it to the situation, the better off you’ll be. You can combine this technique with any other and it will be even more effective. You don’t have to be a smooth talker to get a woman to respond with this approach. Even if you don’t actually need the information, asking a question will open the door to further communication.

Keys to Icebreakers:

They are conversation openers and you need to quickly move to an introduction, and getting her name. Then find a common interest to build on.
From here, build trust, be positive, happy, make her feel like she has known you for a long time (check advanced techniques).
Be careful not to get too boring. Don't "reach" for things to say.
Keep control of the situation and if you feel you are starting to run out of things to talk about, have a pre-determined excuse to leave like, " I am really enjoying talking with you, I feel like we have so much in common, however I need to go (meet my sister, my buddy to play tennis, to let my dog out, he's been in all day, etc etc), can I get your number and call you later (or a preset time - and call then).
Usually if she is interested, you will get her number. If she is a little hesitant ask for a business card or email address.
By ending a conversation, you end it on your terms, while you are in control. You only reveal enough to make her want more, and to get more she will give you her number. You also avoid running out of things to say and losing your edge.
In any icebreaker or approach, always do it on a happy or positive note, never on a negative one.Never put down another guy or anyone else.

What if your approach does not work?

Sometimes a woman is just not interested. If she is not receptive to your approach don't get down on yourself. She may just not be interested in meeting someone. And if she is rude then just be polite and leave, she is not worth it. Don't be rude in return - don't give her the pleasure, just leave.

What if she is polite but shows no interest at all?

If this is the case, you have two options. You can try a little more conversation and see if she warms up, or you can politely tell her to have a nice day. A good rule of thumb is: If she just seems nervous and a little apprehensive, it may be that she is just cautious - you may choose to continue to earn her trust and lay your RAP.

If she is polite but does not make eye contact, talks with her eyes down, or turns away after speaking to you, she probably has her "switch off", meaning she just is not open to anyone, so be polite and wait for someone who is!

Find one that fits your style and the type of woman you want to attract, then practice it. The more techniques you develop, the better, but perfect them one at a time, you will have better success and more fun!
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Sep 14, 2019
more people need to see it as it could really help them :)


Jun 3, 2003
more people need to see it as it could really help them :)
great bump! Excellent article that has not gotten the attention it deserves. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.
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