My balls...


Jun 5, 2003
Hello gents, I've noticed a recent increase in the number of people looking to enlarge their testicles, and I thought I might try to jump on the bandwagon as well. However before I do so, I thought I'd help you get to know my scrotum a little a completely heterosexual way of course. :p

I was born with an undecended left testicle. I had to have surgery shortly after I entered puberty to have the testicle lowered down in my scrotum. Unfortunately for me, this left my left testicle significantly smaller and less developed then my right testicle. That is still the case to this day.

Everything is fine now, I have both testicles decended and all the plumbing is working correctly. After seeing the recent wave of Testicle Enlargement threads, I'm really thinking about starting up a "TE" routine to see if I can't enlarge my testicles. At the very least I'd like to at least have my left testicle catch up to my right one in size.

That's all I wanted to say...It seems like I said "testicle" a lot in this post, doesn't it? ...uh....Testicle. :)


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Dec 5, 2003
Knowing me I would of tried to make it desend myself, mabey tie it to a rope then tie the rope to the door, then fall back, What ya think?
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