My 3 year Hawaii Adventure


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Me and my babey neice. And Kevin or AKA coolah on MOS, He is my best freind, he is on MOS, let me go find him, lol. And my Dad and his cat Scooter

These were taking today at my going away party



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My other Best Freind Rolondo. And Some of me and Kevin and Rolondos Fiance Jen



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More to Come, tommorow is my last day here in San Antonio, Then to Dallas, Texas. then to Hawaii!! WOOT! Tons more Pics to come

I will be posting new pics everyday of all the crazy stuff I do in Hawaii, I will get you all tons of good pics of sexy babes!
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Great pics so far buddy! I can already tell this is going to evolve into a great thread!
Seem to have a great family there Mike! Hope everything goes well in Hawa'ii, take some pictures of them Hawaiian-ladies :)

and i almost forgot, soldier!

left - left - left - right -left - left - left :p

Unit Core God Country
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Good luck on your trip!

Just one observation, No self-respecting Texas boy, a Marine no less, should be seen on the 'net holding a cat rofl ]


Dude, has anyone told you that you look like Mike Myers? rofl

"I shall call him.... Mini-Me." :D


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VERY good pix bro.
I really feel as though I know you lol
Damn ya dads car KICKS ASS and he looks cool along with the freinds and family, pets lol
Must also add in a Non-gay way, your very good looking ma man ... you look very much like Vin Deasel in these pix, if ya had MORE of a tan than ya would be the man himself.
I wish ya all the best when ya leave, your a true good freind and a privilage to have known you here.
Sometimes you can get carried away lol and it can become negative, but you have a heart of GOLD, and I hope you reap the rewards of life.



Good luck Supra, how many of your friends and family know that they are now on a Penis Enlargement website?


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