Museum showcases diseased, injured organs


Jun 3, 2003
Museum showcases diseased, injured organs
Independent Online |
"A grisly exhibition featuring 179 body parts opened on Friday in Hong Kong to show people what will happen to their body if don't take better care of themselves, organisers hope. The event, at the Hong Kong Science Museum, features specimens from real people that have died either in Hong Kong or in mainland China. The specimens range from a tiny foetus to several skeletons and include a cross-section of a brain which had been compressed by a severe blow to the side of the head. Also featured are several pairs of lungs - one blackened pair from a former smoker, another grey coloured pair from a city dweller, while yet another is a pair of pink, healthy lungs from a baby. The healthy and diseased organs are intended to show the impact of air pollution, smoking, alcohol abuse and diet."

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