multi vitamin and mineral pills

Sep 28, 2003
Im looking for a good multi vit and min pill basically so it will help restore any gains lost after ejaculation. Any fellow Penis Enlargement'ers know of some pills i could take?


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Jun 3, 2003
If ya from the UK I rec' going to Wilkinsons and buying the multi vit and min +50 tub which has GREAT dosage of all vits and mins plus Ginkgo Biloba all for £1,29, thats 30 tabletes.

I found ASDA and TESCO, other places not as good quality, still good but ya dont get as much vlaue and shit in the pills .

As your from the US you'll have more choice no dougt.
You dont need to look high and low for multi vit and min as most makers will be just as good as the lastone, the only thing I'd watch for is the BIG NAMES, DO NOT buy the BIG NAMES as they RIP ya off.
Go for the local stores/shops versions which are just as good.
And if ya can find EXTRAs in the pills such as Ginkgo Biloba than all the better, but I only found the +50 multi vit and min pills sold in wilkinson that had this.
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