Mourning Crunch!(Micro tears in the Ligs?)


Aug 16, 2003
I have been experiencing what I call the "Mourning Crunch" for the last 6months(about the time I joined DLD's pay site!Hmmmmm?). What is the mourning crunch? Well this is what happens. Every mourning before work I go through a 45 minute session, of hanging /manual stretches . But before I begin, I test my ligs to see if they have micro tears still present. How do you do this you may ask? Well the first thing you need to do, is make sure there are no distractions or noise (radio, TV, etc.) This way you can feel and actually hear the ligs crunching. Yes I said you can hear them!!! You then take a seated position on the edge of your bed. There are to types of stretches that you can use to pull the penis out, so as to hear and feel the ligs crunching. 1st option is a homemade strap , with 2 loops. 1 loop goes over the right foot, the other loop goes over the right wrist. You then make an ok sign with your right hand, and grip behind the glans, with the palm resting on top of the glans. the other hand (left) should be placed in front of the gripping hand, to offer support in the grip , and stretch .

2nd option is to perform the same thing as above, but without a strap .

I prefer the strap option, as it offers more pull! Once you are in position, pull to the right slowly, then to the center, then to the left!You should pull straight out when doing this.The objective here is not to perform sets, but to stretch it once in all directions right, center, left. To execute the stretch safely, start out slowly and increase the pull! It should take no more then 15 seconds each direction to find out if you have mourning crunch. If you put enough pressure on the stretch , and you do have micro tears you will hear and feel the crunch! It's not painful at all! It's sort of like the kinks being pulled out of it! The kinks being the micro tears, that tried to heal the night before!I don't get them everyday, perhaps 5 days out of the week. But if I do not experience the crunch one mourning, that night I really push hard on my routine, and the next mourning, I get that good ole crunch.I'm not saying that if you do not get the crunch, that you do not have a good routine or sufficient micro tears! Perhaps some individuals will have very tiny tears, and will not feel or hear the tears! But through constant workouts, and making their routines, more, and more intense, the gaps in the tears will increase, and you will eventually experience the crunch. This is my personal opinion! I do hope you give this a try! Let me know your findings!


Ps: It's not a lig pop! I've had those before, not the same thing.
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