MOS - For the Record


Jun 5, 2003
MOS is a free forum set up alongside a paysite by the same name - and does not require membership to paysite, nor pressure guys to join.
MOS was started by DoubleLongDaddy (DLD), whom I first met at 🙈's Place. DLD belonged there for years, and was a moderator, helping countless guys, answering tons of emails, responding to PMs, etc.
He finally set out & opened his own 2 sites (the forum & the paysite). I don't fault him for trying to make a living from something he was doing full-time already, and helping so many other guys (guy has to eat & pay the electric bill). He was subsequently banned from 🙈's and, as he recently stated, Cheeky Cherry (I may have been banned from CC as well, don't know, haven't attempted to login there since June).
I believe that DLD, alongside Bib (bigger), is 1 of the 2 biggest names in Penis Enlargement (no pun intended). I've learned a helluva lot from this site (and from 🙈's).
That's the only reason I'm here. I don't make 1 penny from any of this, don't have a free membership to paysite (although DLD could change that: hint, hint :) ).
Anyway, I spend my Penis Enlargement time here & at 🙈's. I believe a guy could learn so much from these 2 sites - I know I have.
So, a thanks to DLD.


Jun 29, 2003
I second that except I paid for my membership .
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