Mormons not giving up on baptizing dead gentiles


Jun 3, 2003
Mormons not giving up on baptizing dead gentiles
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"Mormons place great emphasis on genealogical research so that living members may undergo baptismal rites on behalf of deceased ancestors, a practice known as posthumous or 'vicarious' baptism. But the practice has come under fire. In amassing names from town halls, churches and government files, millions of names not connected to church members have been collected - from Jewish Holocaust victims to Catholic popes to 18th-century Russian Orthodox and Armenian Christians. Millions of those have been baptized as Mormon. [Church spokesman Paul Nauta] said it was difficult to police all proxy baptisms but regardless, a change of religion is not forced on anyone. 'If you believe in the doctrine of immortality, those individuals can accept or reject it in the hereafter just as they would in this life.'"

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