More testing for Ring of Power


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Dec 5, 2003
I have have been testing different vaiations of the Ring, different ways.
For example Just wearing 2 zinc tods, wearing two rings, one around the whole unit and one around just hte scrotum, one with 2 zinc rods and one with zinc and copper.

I get .85v out of the one around my balls w/zinc and copper
I get .8v around my whole unit w/ zinc and copper
I get no volts with two zinc rods
I get negative volts on the one with 2 zinc rods around my balls and and .65v on the one around my dick and balls.

Concusion, the one around the balls prodcued more volts casue it is closer together. Might have a higher effect on the testosterone casue It is right on the balls. But does not give effects to the artieries and veins back in the public area to allow more blood flow in. And increased flaccid hang does not happen becasue of this.

The Origional way is still the best way in my opinion. You might get more volts out of the other way, but we are not talking about leaps and bounds. Besides My huge increases of testosterone were done with just the orgional way aorund the whole unit and I got all the benifits from that.

More testing to come though, I will keep you updated


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Jun 27, 2003
The reason for this is:

The RoP is a corrosion-cell battery basically. Each rod acts as an Anode or Cathode. I'm not sure which one is which. There has to be a differece in materials for it to work. Your penis and the blood inside it act as the electrolyte medium.

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