After todays masturbation session ;) i did a few stretches and i can feel them alot more in the shaft and behind my balls..

So first masturbate and then stretch ? Is this good or what? Opinions! ;) :) :bottumsup
how about the gains?


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It seems to be that it would relax some muscles within the penis and make for better stretching .

However, my routine still consists of basic stretching , A-stretches , and wet jelqs to finish things off. I do my jelqs wet, because I am more concerned with length than girth. However, I wonder if I would have trouble maintaining enough erection level to do my jelqs? And would it be detrimental to whatever girth gains I might get? Right now, I'm not shooting for girth gains, but I would happily take them, as I eventually want about another 1.5".
yeah, i'm also going for more length right now. am at 6.2-6.3 and want like 7" bp length then heavy girth! ;)

What do dld and you guys think about masturbation and then stretch ? Gives more stretch ? More gains? ?:( :s :p


I feel it makes the penis more pliable, it feels much stretchier for lack of a better word. It also is much more fatigued, PC muscle in particulat, which is why you feel the stretch more down there. Plus it helps keep unwanted erections at bay. As for more gains...probably??

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