More lunacy from the Sausage King


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Jun 3, 2003
"More lunacy from the Sausage King"
More lunacy from the Sausage King
San Francisco Chronicle |
"A San Leandro sausage factory owner accused of killing three meat inspectors boasted to a friend that he would get out of jail in a few years and that the case would be made into a movie, the lone survivor of the rampage testified Thursday. Stuart Alexander told Todd Sorce, a meat department manager at a Hayward supermarket who visited him in jail, that the victims 'were nothing but a bunch of fucking inspectors' and that he was not remorseful for what he did, said state meat inspector Earl Willis. Alexander said he was 'glad that he did it, thrilled that he did it' and that the meat industry 'was going to back him,' said Willis... The self-proclaimed 'sausage king' also said 'he'd be out in a couple years, and Hollywood would make a movie about him,' said Willis." [Probably true.]


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