More Load than Ever Thought Possible!!!!


I downloaded this video off Kazaa. Its name was "10 Cum Shots" and it was an mpeg movie. I've seen it also under the names "Huge Cock Massive Load 69" or "Huge cock blowjob and cumshot". THe file is 7 MB (7.08MB)...and its unbelievable. This girl is giving a guy head and he blasts 19 shots (I counted). Its unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this. And its definately not fake. If there was someway I could host the video I would and then you could all d/l it directly, but I do not have the means to do it. So guys, check Kazaa for the above filenames. Look up "cumshot" or anything like that and it is the 7 MB one. I've seriously never seen anything like that. It makes Peter North look like a small creek and this guy is like Niagara Falls (NO JOKE!!!). Download it!!!!


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I've seen that one before. That was insane!!! :eek:


Yeah I have that video, and are you kidding me?? He has to have at least a 9 x 6. There could be the possibility that it is fake, or at least thats what my roomate thought, maybe with some kind of hose on the other side of his dick that you never see. (I know its a stretch but hey, ya never know)


No its definately real.
You could tell at the beginning when they zoom out. Its for sure real.
Either way, the guy isnt that huge. Its just the angle (you see the underside of his dong) that makes him looks so huge. I'd say he's around 8.25 bpel by 5.8ish.
Hey DLD...Since I know you're on a mac (so am I) and there is no Kazaa for mac, get this little program called Poisoned off
Just do a search for it. It connects to the Fast Track (Kazaa) network and to Gnutella. Its awesome!
Trust me man! Please respond to my message. You never seem to be a proud mac user although you've mentioned you have one.


I think it's funny how quick people are to accuse something of being fake. Sure, it may be an odd occurance - but crazier things have happened than some dude with a tiny 8.5x5.8 shooting a massive load.


I think its fake, it only breifly shows the zoom out scene. You can't actually see his balls becuase the angle is bad. I think its a rubber cock that has some kind of pump .


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Yeah I've seen that one. At first I was blown away (no pun intended) but after watching it a few times I've come to the conclusion that it's fake.


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I think that I have the movie, but I'm not very good at uploading things to this forum, so it may not work. The storage site will delete my account after about two weeks, so if it does work, view it fast.

Because of the size of the original movie and the storage amount in my account, I had to shrink the movie to fit. My video software is shareware and puts a stupid logo over the screen but you should still be able to see everything important.

Anyway if it doesn't work sorry, but I'm just not very good with this upload stuff.


Everything is working in my preview, so I'll go ahead and post it.


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Yo search the thread for a title called "Biggest Cum Shot Ever!!" you will find what you are looking for. As for what i think , its probably fake but yeah the jury is still out.

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