Mom charged in horrific child abuse against baby


Jun 3, 2003
Mom charged in horrific child abuse against baby
McAllen Monitor |
"According to court records released Friday, Veronica Martinez, 18, said she wanted her 6-month-old boy dead because he ruined her life... Martinez told police that in January she punched the baby three times as hard as she could because he was crying a lot, the affidavit said... On July 6, after the 6-month-old was crying during a visit to Valle Vista Mall, the couple returned to their car, where Martin allegedly grabbed the boy's arm and broke it, the affidavit said. The affidavit goes on to say that Martin then grabbed the baby by his legs and dropped him on his back so he would hit the center hump on the floorboard of the backseat. Martinez laughed as Martin dropped the baby, the affidavit said. At one point, to stop the baby from crying, Martin held his hand over the baby's mouth until the boy turned blue, the affidavit said."

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