Mixing PE with weight lifting.


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Jul 7, 2003
Does anyone here mix Penis Enlargement with weight lifting? i have just started to so please check my progress section and tel me what you think. thanks punky
Jun 3, 2003
I don't exactly do Penis Enlargement weightlifting, although I do cock pushups every now and then.

Oh wait, you mean Penis Enlargement and weightlifting as separate entities, yet done during the same workout session.

In that case, I do both weightlifting and Penis Enlargement. I do not do them at the same time however. I generally try to do the two parts of my Penis Enlargement routine (girth and length ) around my lifting routine (which varies daily).

As for your lifting routine, I think that 20 pounds may not be enough in cases, particularly the bench presses. If you can curl 20 pounds both reverse and regular grip , I would think you could put up a decent amount doing bench press. By "a decent amount," I am guessing at least 100 pounds.

Now, you have to realize that if you want to put on a decent amount of muscle, you have to train with high weight, and a small amount of repetitions (8-12). Whereas if you want to train to merely tone your muscles, you should do this with light weight and a high amount of repetitions (12-18 or so).

Now, there is kind of an exception to this, because you can still put on muscle while lifting lighter weight, as long as you do the repetitions VERY slowly. However, I think this should be done with a weight that is half or more of the amount you can currently work out with. So assuming you work out with 100 pounds, doing 2 second reps, you can probably work out with 50 pounds while doing 5 second reps. By a rep here, I am actually only counting the up or down stroke individually, so for full motion, it will take 4 and 10 seconds respectively.

So yes, if I haven't confused you yet, just wanted to say that I think it is a pretty cool idea to combine Penis Enlargement and weight training into a circuit training kind of routine. However, I would probably do the weight lifting with varying weights according to your body's abilities for given muscle groups and what your individual goals are.

As for what you heard, about it "not being what you lift, but being repetitive," this is not particularly true. If you lift 2 pounds over and over 1000 times, you are not going to really see a benefit. There must be some kind of resistance there so the muscle is challenged, whether or not putting on bulk or merely toning muscle is your goal. Now, exercise frequency is important with lifting (and Penis Enlargement), as if you have a set routine, you will see results in a much more timely manner.

Just make sure to get a proper balance of frequency (how many times per week you do an exercise), intensity (how hard you train), and duration (the length of time you exercise in any one session) and things should work out well.

If you want more specific advice on things, give a hollar.

- d_s


Jul 10, 2003
I've been trying to trim down my bodyfat percentage. Right now I'm 6'0" 170, about 14% bodyfat. Not a whole lot as far as muscles go, but I've been doing some simple wrist curls. I've noticed that these INFINITELY aid in pushups. Pushups work the upper chest, therefore if you can properly work the wrists, you can easier get the chest. It's all a linear process. ;)

As far as the relation to weightlifting, I don't exactly see too much of a mix, except for the motivation. It takes just as much motivation to get going / keep going with Penis Enlargement as it does with weightlifting.


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Jun 18, 2003
I space my workouts apart. I can't get into a good Penis Enlargement session right after weight training. I gotta let my heart come back down outta my throat first!

Jelqing in itself is a great deltoid toner and grip strengthener.

When I lift weights, sometimes I wonder, "Why am I trying to make the rest of my body bigger?" I think it's so cool that you can make up for it with a good dick workout.


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Jul 7, 2003
Thanks for all you help and a very big thanks to DS. I did think 20LB bench pressed was abit to easy but i didn't want to go over the top. Now i can see that its a pretty lame amount to lift, so when i do my routine today i will see the highest amount i can and do 30 of and set about changing my routine.
Jun 3, 2003

Good to know I could shed some light on the matter. I'm hoping maybe bodybuilder06 or WaxN chime in here as well, as they seem to know quite a lot about weightlifting and what have you.

Personally, I've only truly been lifting for 8 months now, so even though I know a decent amount, there's always some more to learn.

Oh yeah, if you want, I can post my various lifting routines to give you an idea as to what I do. I'd do that now, but I kinda have to leave for work in a couple minutes. Catch you later.
Jun 3, 2003
Alright, here goes...

First off, I will make the statement that I try to do 4 sets of an exercise while striving to do 12 reps per set. This varies however, depending on how long I have been on a current weight. I try to do sets of 12 reps until failure, and improve on whatever I did the session before.

I will also say that I am currently doing all workouts on a Bowflex, which is NOTHING like free weights. I have done both, and free weights and gym machines are generally much better. However, I managed to get a second-hand one cheap and it saves me a lot of time not having to go to the gym. The Bowflex itself doesn't particularly give you an accurate gauge as to what weight you are lifting, so use the weights I am saying to give you a general idea as to what to look for.

For example, I can pull down 190 pounds with the Bowflex in a lat pulldown. There's no way I can pull more than 100 pounds with an actual gym machine. Also, for decline bench presses on the Bowflex, I cannot do as much weight as I can in a normal bench press configuration. In a gym setting with free weights however, I can do the most weight in a declined bench press, a middle weight in a normal bench press, and the least weight in an inclined bench press.

All of these details aside, I will still list the exercises I am doing and the "weight" I am doing in each.

Sunday, Tuesday => Chest & Shoulders

1.) Bench Press (180 lbs. for 3 sets)
2.) Incline Bench Press (160 lbs. for 2 sets)
3.) Decline Bench Press (150 lbs. for 4 sets)
4.) One Arm Seated Fly (50 lbs. per arm, for 2 sets each arm)
5.) Rear Deltoid Rows (120 lbs. for 2 sets)
6.) Shoulder Press (110 lbs. for 2 sets)
7.) Lateral Shoulder Raise (30 lbs. for 5 sets)
8.) Reverse Shoulder Shrugs (220 lbs. for 3 sets)

A quick note here:

You will notice I do 5 sets of the shoulder raises. This is because the Bowflex only lets you move up in 10 pound increments. Needless to say, it will be some time before I can move up to 40 pounds, so I do 5 sets to make the muscle work just a little bit more during the workout.

Sunday, Thursday => Back & Arms

1.) Lying Lat Pulldowns (190 lbs. for 3 sets)
2.) Seated Lat Rows (160 lbs. for 3 sets)
3.) Scapular Retracton (190 lbs. for 3 sets)
4.) Functional Low Back Extension (160 lbs. for 3 sets)
5.) French Press (110 lbs. for 2 sets)
6.) Triceps Kickback (70 lbs. for 3 sets)
7.) Seated Triceps Extension (90 lbs. for 4 sets)
8.) Standing Biceps Curl (100 lbs. for 4 sets)
9.) Standing Wrist Curl (100 lbs. for 4 sets)

Something to note:

Some of these exercises are Bowflex-specific in their naming, so if you have no idea what exercise I am referring to, that may be why. You can probably download a product manual from their website to get an idea of how to do the exercises in a setup with freeweights. However, in many cases, it may not be possible to do those in a free-weight configuration. So perhaps just do a search on part of the exercise name in Google and see what comes up.

You may be wondering where my abs and legs exercises are. I used to do these 2 other days out of the week, but sometimes they only sneak into my routine for one day out of the week. I figure I run for 30-40 minutes for 4 days out of the week, so that at least tones up my legs a bit. I guess I could use more work on my abs though. Anyhow, I will list my routine for that as well, even though I am not currently doing it with any degree of regularity.

Wednesday, Saturday => Legs & Trunk

1.) Lying Prone Leg Curls (90 lbs. for 3 sets)
2.) Resisted Reverse Crunch (100 lbs. for 2 sets)
3.) Leg Extension (80 lbs. for 2 sets)
4.) Trunk Rotation (110 lbs. for 2 sets)
5.) Seated (Resisted) Abdominal Crunch (160 lbs. for 2 sets)
6.) Seated (Resisted) Oblique Abdominal Crunch (190 lbs. for 2 sets)
7.) Leg Kickback / Hip Extension (110 lbs for 2 sets)
8.) Seated Leg Curls (90 lbs. for 3 sets)
9.) Leg Press (290 lbs. for 3 sets)
10.) Calf Raise (310 lbs. for 5 sets)

I hope this helps, although I realize it will be hard to figure out what some of the exercises are. If you need clarification on what some are, you know where to find me.
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Jun 20, 2003
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The leaner your physique the larger your unit will appear.
The importance of that cannot be overstated. Great pointer.
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