Minoxidil for lube??



Sep 8, 2003

I saw this post on another forum and thought it was interesting, especially the possibly implications of increasing HGH and IGF. Any experts want to chim in?


Nitric Oxide and IGF-1 increasing Lubricant


Hi everyone,

I first tried Penis Enlargementing 4 years ago and one of the things that really deterred me was the messy clean up from lubes.

In the meantime I have stopped and started again. This time I hit upon a novel combination lube that I really think has some merit. I was thinking about jelqing a couple of months ago after some time off and I looked around for some lube , and all I had handy was some Minoxidil 5%. I knew that would be greasy, but that it would absorb/evaporate pretty quickly, so I noticed a bottle of rigid gas permeable contact lens solution by Boston Labs. For those that don't have rigid gas contacts, this is a very slippery, polymer solution quite unlike saline for soft lenses.

Now this combination does require frequent rewetting, but clean up is a piece of cake. However, I don't feel that is the main reason that it is so cool.

You see Minoxidil releases Nitric Oxide (miNOxidil). As we all know NO is key to initiating and maintaining erections by relaxing smooth muscle. Additionally, Minoxidil increases VEGF, IGF-1, etc.


The mode of action of hair growth effect of minoxidil is not completely elucidated, but the most plausible explanation proposed here is that minoxidil works as a sulfonylurea receptor (SUR) activator and prolongs the anagen phase of hair follicles in the following manner: minoxidil (1) induces cell growth factors such as VEGF, HGF, IGF-1 and potentiates HGF and IGF-1 actions by the activation of uncoupled SUR on the plasma membrane of dermal papilla cells, (2) inhibits of TGF beta induced apoptosis of hair matrix cells by opening the Kir 6.0 channel pore coupled with SUR on the mitochondrial inner membrane, and (3) dilates hair follicle arteries and increases blood flow in dermal papilla by opening the Kir 6.0 channel pore coupled with SUR on the plasma membrane of vascular smooth muscle cells.

Based on the above actions of minoxidil the only thing missing from it in order to grow penis tissue(without Penis Enlargement) is DHT.

OK, so you may be worried that you will get some hair growth on the shaft. Well, personally I have been using minoxidil on my head for about 3 years and while doing so have noticed body hair all over growing more vigorously (eyebrows, nose, ears, shoulders, penis). But this is easily remedied by tweasers etc. so I put up with it in order to keep my hair. Also, I have noticed my friends, contemperories and elders have the same problem (visible areas), so it might not all be due to minoxidil.

Well, I hope that somebody finds this useful and possibly stimulates some research/debate/improved results. Additionally, I have noticed some serious bronzing this time around and based on some leads from this forum I think I have found a solution, one that will be easily incorporated into my lubricant mix also.



Mar 29, 2004
Mokey Kirm said:
I tried this! I am still kinda small but my dick did get a little tallerLOL
that's f***ing hilarious! i almost sh*t my pants.
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