Hey there
Just making a diary to keep track of gains and routines etc.
Started yesterday with a shower , then proceeded to do a few minutes of stretching (really have to improve my technique there, i think I was only stretching skin). Then, I got a 80% or so erection and started the dry jelq. I did this for about 30 minutes at moderate-to-heavy force. After the jelqing I did another few minutes of stretching at semi-erect length in all directions, and finished off with a minute of rotating. I think I'm gonna do this routine 5/6 times a week, and throw somewhere inbetween a wet jelq session when mum is out of the house.

Current measurements as of 11/10/03 (note its dd/mm/yy)
Flaccid length - 4.5"
Erect length - 7"

Flaccid girth - 4"
Erect girth - 5.1"

Comments welcome!


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Nice starting size, try pulling you foreskin back when streching if you are having problems.
hey mate.
thanks for replying
yeah, i just tried doing that before, but I could not feel ANY stretch , like literally, nothing. Also another problem is that whenever i try to grab below the glans and then pull (with foreskin stretched towards me), i slowly slide over the glans and have to start again. and then there is the problem of course that I can't feel the stretch , which leads me to believe that I must be doing something wrong...


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I got this loads in my first month of Penis Enlargementing, i could'nt get fuck all grip. I ended up just griping the head of my penis. If grip really is a problem i would say buy some golf gloves, there cheap and supply amazing grip. If you aint got a sport shop and or no cash (like me) then try using toilet paper.
i think i fucked something up really badly in the session i just did before. dont know what really. i tried to scan my dick (lol - no camera) so you can see what I mean. Was I doing the jelqing too hard? As I was moving my hand up the shaft, I also Kegelled a bit, as it seemed to highten the intensity.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt and just looks like some blood has gathered in an open cavity or something. what was i doing wrong?




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I got these all the time when I was jelqing etc.. They're common just little blood spots, kinda like the red spots you get only a little bigger. Nothing to worry about.

wow, thank god. i thought i was doing something wrong!
On a good note, I can really feel the stem of my penis aching because of the stretches that I did. and either I'm too dumb to measure, or something, but after the jelq, I went to masturbate and I measured my girth and it was 6", which means that either the above inital girth is outdated (it was from 6 months ago), or the jelq session added .9" to my girth. fkn a


12/10/03 - Did a combination of stretches , Dry Jelqs and trying out some new stretches

13/10/03 - About an hours worth altogether (includes warm-up). So I had a hot wrap , which was a lot better than a quick shower . might have to do that in the future as well. Proceeded to do 15 minutes of dry jelqs followed by a few minutes of stretching . This was done 3 times. The last jelq session was done very quickly (that is jelqs were done in about 2 seconds as opposed to 5-10 seconds). Could anyone tell me what is better to do? The quicker ones seemed to work a lot better, plus I didn't have to masturbate as much to get the erection back.

Also, I've had big problems maintaining an 80% erection. Usually after 2 slow jelqs the erection would subside to around 60%. Anyone have any tips for this?

PS: Tomorrow morning I'll do a wet jelq session.
PSS: Haven't decided on the interval between measurements yet. I'm thinking after either 2 weeks or 1 month. What do you suggest is best?
14/10/03 - Did pretty much the same routine as other days. 10 minutes of dry jelqs, followed by 5 minutes of stretching . I do 3 sets of these. I then made a hot wrap as a warm down.

Funny thing though is that I went to bed, and woke up in the morning with pretty much the same measurements as after the session. Gotta love that shit :D

okay last night I did the 7th workout (wee, its been a week), but unfortunately I won't be continuing for now. This is because of a few reasons.

1. I got around to getting the number of my high-school crush and therefore the Penis Enlargement has to stop for now because
a) I got little bruises all over my dick. Dunno what they are. maybe shaving cuts or something. But I want my dick to look like before (ie no bruises) so I'm gonna stop
b) Also my hand has gotten the worst cramps for some reason. Last night I had to stop after 20 minutes because I literally couldn't close my fingers around my penis. Not much fun in exercising when you know that you are not doing it right.

But not to worry. Once exam stress is over, and things have progressed with the mentioned girl, I'm sure I'll start it up again. There's just a little too much stress going on right now in my life that I really can't concentrate on Penis Enlargement. And I want to put in the maximum I can, which means that both my body and my mind have to be set on the task.

Stay here, I'll be back


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