Michael Jackson [Wacko Jacko] is he Guilty?


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Your thoughts, ideas, opinions on if Jacko has indeed Abused kids.
I will report back later with my take....buisy right now so someone kick it off.

He was my idol in my younger days.... Then i got interested in hiphop..

I think he acts very strange/suspicious, come on who have a secret room with pictures of kids, and a teen-ie envirement?
Dont really think his kids are allowed to be in there.
And which star have kids, and kids only that "sleeps over"... and they not friends with his kids... FUCKING ODD!

ANd a second thing i DONT thurst ANY cop, especially WHITE ones.:blush:
Originally posted by GhosT_DoGG
He was my idol in my younger days.... Then i got interested in hiphop..

I think he acts very strange/suspicious, come on who have a secret room with pictures of kids, and a teen-ie envirement?
Dont really think his kids are allowed to be in there.
And which star have kids, and kids only that "sleeps over"... and they not friends with his kids... FUCKING ODD!

ANd a second thing i DONT thurst ANY cop, especially WHITE ones.:blush:
Please tell me you are joking, or that is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.

Anyway back on topic. I still love Michael Jackson's music, his the only non metal artist I listen to, he is amazing. With the first child saying he molested him I didn't believe it, but now unfortunately I do, I wish I didn't but I really think he did it, and especially that he has gone on the run.

But I really think he doesn't mean to do it, I think he touches them and stuff but I think he thinks their is nothing wrong with it, that the kid wants it. I think he should get help as I think he is mentally unstable.


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I am around 80% that hes guilty.

Reasons being that obviously he is weird as fuck.
He is OBSESSED with kids.....thats what we know him for....his apparent love to them.

However the evidence doesnt look good for jacko.
Heres my picks on why I think he is a Pedo'.

He has been accused of this TWICE....once 20+ years ago by a 13 year old Boy from the UK....he had been molesting the youth over the phone...Scotland Yard and the LA police have this on record.
No action was taken in the end.
The guy is now 33 and he says that he is willing to testify if ever needed about that past episode.
Now the kid 10+ years ago...the FAMOUS incident could be true after all > look here dougters....that kid was also groomed via the phone, than said he was molested....and than paid £20 million out of court.

The phone grooming....a pattern their; surely no coincidence that the kid 10 years previous to that had been groomed the same way...nope its gotta be Jackos style.
Its a pattern..phone > contact > molest.

The out of court settlement is a big sign IMHO.....why not go thru the system and bare it to show the world if it was true that the kid was a lier????? Jacko says cos he dunt like courts...Bullshit..its cos the Barristers would eat him up and spit his ass out.
£20 million is a SHIT LOT of money....some say in the UK on this debate that wouldnt accept it if their kid was molested....I say...I would think about it....lets be honest...£20 million is ALOT.

Also Jacko has hidden rooms in his house.
They were not found by the FBI last time they went to the home....but since that Bashir Interview [Uk guy remember???] they now seem to know where it is.
Its FULL of kids toys, kids stuff and pix of kids [male] on the walls....many bare chested....a shrine also is present of that Home-Alone kid.

Another thing that makes me think hes guilty is...the skin.
In the Bashir interview he was asked many times did he have skin therapy to change him from Black to white...he said no...that god changed him to a white man and that he had a disease that did this.
But the disease [dont know name] doesnt do that to the whole body....it does not cover it completly, only in patches and even than the person keeps most of their colour from previous...they dont go Chamelion [change].
Jacko also knows this......tryed to cover it up with the fact he says that he must use make-up to cover the nastyness of the disease...Bullshit.
And the BIGGEST turn for me was the fact he denied having plastic surgery on his face....I mean cummon his nose has fallen in cos of the surgery hes had on it.

If he is gunna lie about obvious things above than he will lie about abusing issues...its simple Criminology.

What else turns me.....well the fact an ex husband of a sister of his even said that Jacko always had young boys around his house....never young girls.

People say jacko is mental......however this aint an excuse or cover for him....he aint been DIAGNOSED with anything....I think alot of this ''Good'' ''Kind'' image may very well be false to lead us into thinking he wouldnt do summut like hes been accused of.

And last.....he says that he wouldnt harm a kid...well remember that he dangled his own over a damn balcony; high risk manouver was that...he takes chances.....hes not normal......he might take a chance with abusing?

O yes LAST......he has kids sleep over in his bed....now I dont give a toss what anyone says....if you have a kid in ya bed it aint normal...unless ya a parent and the kids young...needs a parent for the night etc.
But he has these kids from all over just to sleep in hs bed....okay look at it this way...if we had kids sleep in our bed from the street than what would happen ti us????? damn right...police station here I come....but jacko gets away with this.
Parents consent of course but its a blind decision.

Now they are my points for him being guilty....but the 20% not guilty is below.

He seems so caring and kind....like he couldnt be capable of doing things like that.
He loves kids and they love him.

His songs have no real violence or hatred in them....how could he hurt anyone.


My conclusion:

I am nearly convinced Jacko is guilty.....the pattern of him doing this is their.....this is the third time now...the last two were via the phone than an encounter except the 1st....this time he has encountered and exposed.
This is a factual pattern...not coincidence...these things dont keep happening.
Also his behaviour is very weird...he has an obsession with children, the shrine he builds [that park for them] hidden rooms etc all not healthy at all....and why are they hidden?
I belive however that jacko will get away with it....money talks and he has so many brain washed it is a battle for any prosecution to nail him....so many will shout set-up and not listen to a child who may have been abused.
It will probably end up outta court settlement.....than the defenders will say ''why parents accept money when they tell truth...cos if it were true tey wouldnt accept the money''.
The only way to nail jacko proper is if they get a few more allegations against him.....or/even better FORENSIC eveidnece.....no arguments with that.
If he has a PC I hope they get it.

Anyways I am open to this.
I would like to think he is innocent...but as ya can see I cant see it.


yeah he's definetaly got some serious mental issues. I also heard that he drugged them with pills or sometimes wine. In this new case, the alleged victim is required to testify in court. They amended a law after the first incident w/ Jackson, that required the victim to testify. So I dont think there will be any monetary court settlement. Maybe he'll later get sued in Civil Court after if he's convicted in Criminal.

I think he should go to jail too. See how he likes getting molested.


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That Michael Jackson dude is one creepy motherfucker. He probably has kids living in the crawlspaces inside the walls of his home, like that movie "The People Under The Stairs".

You're tellin' me this guy's not a Penis EnlargementRVERT? Fuck trying to prove that his is, try this... prove that he isn't!! You'll have a much harder time, believe me.

Didn't they recently say on the news that some "love letters" written by Michael to one of his child lovers? That sounds nice and incriminating.


I have no idea if he is guilty, but having kids over like that is like playing Russian Roulette.

I mean, come on, the parents of those kids must be praying for a multi-million dollar settlement.

Jacko might be wacko, but those parents are using their own kids as bait.


I'm with you bobbdobbs, If Jacko has the stupidity to put himself in the position where he could be potentially accused of such haneus crimes, whether the allegations are true or not, then it is his own damn fault for being so careless. And if your one of these parents would you be sending your kid to sleep over with an accused paedophile??? I sure as hell wouldn't be.
My final say, whether he's innocent or not what he's been doing is certainly very wrong


He's guilty!
Explanation: see RZ's one.

Just 1 thing more on the "kind/Caring"issue:

I recall several cases in germany where pedos were catched which did this to boys/girls in the neighbourhood and/or at work(kindergarden!!!) and the people later in the interviews always said things like "Oh, we never thought about something like this, he was always so friendly and kind to the kids" or "Unbelivable, we did trust him completely" or "the kids loved to play w.him" ASO!
IMHO, men aren't supposed to be overly kind/caring to children except their own by their natural programming!
To act like this alone is suspicious enough.


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sure is pole....how did i miss that out :blahblah: but it also seems that around 100+ other allegations COULD surface the Police [cant remember which state] said today...at least in a newspaper in the UK...may be BS? anyone else heard about future allagations surfacing?
For a cooling off for awhile, The new neighbors will love him!! And he will get a new understanding of "meat in the can"


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If Michael Jackson does end up going to prison, I betcha he's hoping they send him to JUVY!

But in reality, he'll probably never see the inside of a jail. He's got the bucks. The real deciding factor are the people who are making the accusations against him. It depends if they can be bought off or not. If they are really after him for touching their kids and won't except bribes, then you know he must've really did it... especially if the kids testify with dolls or some shit.

What's funny is if that does happen, there are plenty of different Michael Jacson dolls that you can get at the toy store to use on the stand!! Imagine the kid using an actual Michael Jackson collectable to demonstrate how he was touched!!

I heard there was a new one out: Instead of "Tickle-Me Elmo" it'll be called "Touching-You Michael".


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I agree with you GodSize except

'' If they are really after him for touching their kids and won't except bribes, then you know he must've really did it...''

IMHO is that if anyone was offered like £20 million [$25 million] ti drop a charge..even if their child was molested I think they would THINK ABOUT IT....Doesn't mean if they except any money that Jacko the Wacko hasnt wripped his Big cock out....just that the money was GOOOOOOOOOOD ;) I know if I had a kid...and I was offered MILLIONS....I would think about it......cummon lets be honest.


Yes that's probably true for alot of people. But pride would get in alot of people's ways of accepting money.. IMO why would Jacko offer that kind of money unless he really did do it? If he went through court and was truly innocent he wouldn't have to pay a cent, although i'm sure Johnny Cochran doesn't come cheap. What I'm saying is that alot of people would rather have the satisfaction that this man would be going to jail and would not be able to hurt other children any longer over taking a huge payout... I would anyway
If he ends up in prison, his screwed!

In prison they shurly kill, wrape or beat-up, eSpecially pedo, rapist or so! With their own medicine!

He'd be lucky if he ends up alone in there. And if his guilty, which i think, its just right that they threat him like the shit he is, you never touch children! Personally i would kill a person who does.
Itz so freakin' sick!!! :mad:

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