Mexican pol maybe faked assassination attempt


Jun 3, 2003
Mexican pol maybe faked assassination attempt
San Diego Union-Tribune |
"Federal investigators said Friday there was no evidence to support a powerful governor's claims of an attack on his life – and much suggesting the incident was staged by his own aides. Authorities in the southern state of Oaxaca initially reported that on March 18, six to eight gunmen wielding Kalashnikov rifles ambushed Gov. Jose Murat's sport utility vehicle as he arrived at a hotel in Oaxaca city. The governor and one of his body guards were wounded and a state police officer fell from a moving vehicle, suffering injuries that eventually killed him. Murat, a powerful member of the former-ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, claimed he had received death threats for years and said that the attackers even called to threaten him again when he was in the hospital receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the attack. But federal authorities began reviewing the reputed ambush after inconsistencies in testimonies and forensic evidence suggested it may have been a hoax."

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