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It probably wouldn't hurt since tissue is made is made of protein but its such a small organ relative to the rest of your body that I think you'd get enough protein from your diet.


Shitbag you sound like this:Would eating an extra meal/day will help with the enlarging of the penis?

I dont think so man,but suplementing your self is good.
Would it have a direct effect on your size, probably not. However ensuring that you have a proper amount of protein is a great way to keep your body opperating normally and ensuring fast recovery times from the stress that Penis Enlargement puts your penis through. In a roundabout way, I suppose you could make an argument that in that manner protein helps make your dick bigger, but as far as taking a protein supplement and magically gaining 3" in length , that's not going to happen.


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Whatever you do don't buy anything me on's the worst formulations and quality imagineable, if you saw how the stuff was made you'd kill yourself for taking it.....All the protein powders in the world are made in five plants in Minnesota. The difference between them all is the blend (whey concentrate/isolate, egg albumin, beef peptides etc.) and the quality of the powders being used. That's the end of my rant......And yes increased protein intake would help Penis Enlargement gains. If you are positivie nitrogen balance then you have a surplus of aminos in the blood to improve glandular function....which, say it with me now.....means more GH and IGF-1....Thank you amsterdam good night......Holla


Just wondering becuz that's what I been taking for the past 3 months. Shake after working out (not pe). Just thought it would speed up gains a bit.
How do they make Meso Tech anyway? I mean it DOES pack on lean muscle quickly, at least with me it did.

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