Men arrested at cruisy park


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Jun 3, 2003
Men arrested at cruisy park
WKYC-TV 3 Cleveland |
"Nine men were arrested during a sting operation with the latest coming at the Chagrin Reservation. A sign there says 'All-purpose,' but few would have guessed such Chagrin Reservation paths lead to such an area. It’s men meeting men for sex. After three days of walking the trails and trolling the parking lots, park rangers arrested and charged nine men with indecent exposure. Five of them pleaded guilty Monday including a 75-year-old man who was arrested for the same thing here 30 years ago... Park rangers say there was a core group of men that would meet here in the woods for the express purpose of sex. But they weren't bashful about inviting complete strangers, someone they might have met on a trail, to join in."