Measuring to Chart Gains


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I think the best way to measure with exact consistancy is FSBP because this will not vary as Erection firmness does. So one day with a very hard erection you may measure and inch longer than if you were not as aroused. Going Flacid Stretched Bone Pressed will not fluxuate except when gain are made. Everything eventually comes out in erection.


When I measure I pretty much never have more than 1/12th inch difference in an erect state. And Im not rock hard every time.

The method I use is while I sit in a chair, I kegel once, then I hold the kegel and press the ruler down onto the pubic bone. Always do it the same way, if you dont kegel, It can be larger differences.
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See, for me there's not really even a considerable size difference between my semi erect and my fully erect measurement, one is just more firm. I want a bigger erect dick and wouldn't mind the added flacid size either. However, flacid stretched size means little to me.


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philadelph said:
So DLD, every day or so, do you notice slight increases in your flacid stretched length? This is how you gauge if a routine is working?
Not everyday but often. This is exactly how I gage a routine. Doing this also keeps us comfortable with the ruler. The longer I stay away from a ruler the more anxiety is causes me. I think daily visits in measuring help alleviate this fear that so many guys have.

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