MDMA (ecstacy)

Jul 2, 2003
I started this just to get the veiws of everyone on this controversial subject. MDMA is fast becoming the drug of choice among those under 25. While marijuana has remained steady over the years, MDMA has burst on to the scene as the new way to party. Since it's arrival, deaths and wide spread abuse have become everyday occurrences all through the world. Some live by it and call it the love drug, while others consider it to be poisoning the next generation of youth. I'm writing a paper on the drug known as Ecstasy and wanted to get some thoughts to incorporate into my paper.

I looking for those who have strong opinions on this topic to assist me in having a general view from the public. All are welcome to add their input here either pro or con. I have went to Erowids Vault to look at the chemistry side of this illegal drug, I'm looking at this from a effect side as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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Aug 6, 2003
I've fucked around with quite a few times personally. Didn't really dig it to much but it can be cool under the right circumstances. Do it with a bunch of hoes and get that shit live.