McDonald's sued for withholding death benefits


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Jun 3, 2003
McDonald's sued for withholding death benefits
Newsday |
"The family of a McDonald's manager killed two years ago when a car crashed into the restaurant has sued the fast-food giant, claiming it refused to pay a death benefit. When Frank R. Nastasi sped into the Mount Ephraim McDonald's at a speed estimated by police at more than 100 miles per hour, Cynthia A. Molino was a relatively new manager. According to court filings, Molino was denied one type of death benefit because she had not completed a 90-day probationary period as manager. Her family says it asked the company to instead pay the death benefit Molino would have received if she were still a non-managerial employee, as she'd been for two years before... Unlike most McDonald's outlets, which are owned by franchisees, the Mount Ephraim store is owned by the company."