I have the max extender and I'm asian.
I've been using it for like 1 and a half months.

I had a 7in and i'm 17 before i began. I think its 7'5 right now


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Originally posted by n2growing
So you must be 18 now Right... :eek:

Congrats on your gains.


its a tube and you tighten a nylon tube around your head. Then you pull the tube. There is three tubes all together. When you pull the tube you strecth and then you locked it with a pin. That stuff strecth longer than when you use your hand. Right know I'm stretching it to like 9 in fluccid. You move up like 2 cm a week depends on how much you use it. If you get a bonner in the tube your head looks small and your uretha will get bigger. If you put it more than 3 hours long your head hurts like hell.
One time when I went to church and have it on I wanted to take it off. Around your head where you put your nylon string will turn blue or purple. I got mine for $46 total the website cost like 90.
Gotti...congrats on the gains...

Can you tell us what your routine is with the Max-Xtender?
How long you wear it, sets, etc.

Inquiring minds want to know


the book says wear it like 4 hours a day and if you wear longer than that it makes no difference.
If you wear it for too long your head will get sore

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