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I know this has been addressed before, roughly. I searched and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I've been continualy finding that my gains are much slower when I masturbate. Now i know some don't ejaculate, because that's where a lot of the problems lie(as in gains are concerned) I wait at least the 3 hours before or after and yet my gains are not even close to that when i can hold out(few days) i'm mainly concerned w/ girth, as many I know. i'm 7.75 bpel right now with 5.2ish girth. i makes me feel skinny as a rod(especially since i surf here all the time and see all u others w/ near 6's and greater) i'm moving to Japan early next year which gives me several months to jack my girth up. i've been there 3 times so far, went to a couple onsen's, that's hot springs for the ones who don't know japanese ;) , now i got many a stares there, mainly older guys there, i was getting stared at for 2 reasons, 1, i'm white....well...if u know anythign about japan...yeh, everyone there is Japanese...2, since i'm a bit above average lenght wise they kinda noticed. the girlfriend's dad even joked later about my towel not being "big enough" :O

i plan to go to japan to visit the girlfriend in a couple months...she's been since april w/o a little pleasure. i really want to gain some girth to really surprise her, i've already added a bit to length since she's last been w/ me so girth would just plain blow her mind(and hopefully more ;)) i clamp and do regular rutines for the most part, i even bring a clamp to work and hide in the bathroom for a quick 15min ish clamp session(i have a very laid back work, big so no one i obsessed?! i think we all are :cool: ) basically, is masturbating really hurting my gains...if so damnit is there a way to not so frequently...and yes i know about edging, but damn that's hard. maybe i just lack the self discipline...any tips/advice along that lines...if not then any other girth tips, for an aspiring japanese pleaser :s


Everyone is different some find cumming with know affect,myself I watch payperview porn on the dish and wet jelq for 45 min and don't cum I feel I get a better flaccid hang for the day,but you have to try what works for you if you feel like you can't hold on any longer just get up a go shower or do what ever it takes to get your mind off of it try it for a month and see what happens the only thing I find about doing this is when I have sex I sometimes cum sooner than I want to
yeah,ive held off myself but i do find as the grinch said that sometimes you cum faster and its harder to control it.

i personally have just always tried not masterbating on days i do any girth work.
I personally don't believe that masterbating before or after a Penis Enlargement session affects results. Doing it before, however, makes it harder to keep an erection while Penis Enlargement'ing.

When you guys mention cumming, do you mean ejaculate or orgasm cuz they are two and separate things?? I can masterbate 'til i'm very close to an orgasm and ejaculate without actually reaching an orgasm. In fact when masterbate i make my self ejaculate many times before i actually let myslef reach orgasm. This prolongs the pleasure and makes for a VERY intense orgasm. This is the same as the stop-n-go method for intensifying a woman's orgasm.