Man self-immolates on busy sidewalk


Jun 3, 2003
Man self-immolates on busy sidewalk
Louisville Courier-Journal |
"An Iranian immigrant whom friends described as ill and worried about his bills set himself on fire just before 10 a.m. yesterday outside the Hall of Justice. Morteza Mehrpou, 48, shouted something repeatedly - witnesses differ on what they heard - and then poured gasoline over himself from a half-gallon plastic jug before igniting it with a lighter... The fire took place on one of the busiest pedestrian corners in downtown Louisville - in front of the main entrance to the Hall of Justice at the corner of Sixth and Jefferson streets, where people congregate and courthouse employees smoke... Two men taunted the man, told police to shoot him and dared the man to ignite himself, [eyewitness Sharon Williams] said. She said police yelled at the men to shut up."

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