Man drowns in septic tank


Jun 3, 2003
Man drowns in septic tank
Tampa Tribune |
"For nearly 30 years, septic services contractor Kermit Dale Lancaster earned good money going places most people dread, his family said... The Thonotosassa man died at Tampa General Hospital at 9:20 p.m. Monday after becoming trapped in an underground tank at Acorn Trace Apartments, 11115 N. Nebraska Ave., slipping neck-deep into sewage, officials said... He became disoriented and yelled for help, Troy Lancaster said, possibly because of the heat in the sweltering tank and methane, which deprives the heart and brain of oxygen... A co-worker passed the man a ladder and tried to grab his hands, but they were slippery and he slid farther into the sewage, Troy Lancaster said. At some point, he inhaled and ingested the material, he said."

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