Man attacks kindergarteners with knife


Jun 3, 2003
Man attacks kindergarteners with knife
"A doorman at a Beijing kindergarten has stabbed 15 children, killing one of them, according to Chinese state media . Three teachers were also injured when the knife-wielding man went on the rampage at a nursery in Beijing University's Number One Hospital. The alleged attacker, 51-year-old Xu Heping, has now been detained by police for questioning. The motive for the stabbing is unclear, but Mr Xu is said to have had a history of mental illness... A four-year-old boy died due to serious injuries and blood loss. Two other children and a teacher sustained serious neck wounds, and are in a critical condition, according to Xinhua news agency... in 2002, police detained a kindergarten doctor after he confessed to putting rat poison in salt at a rival nursery, where 70 children and two teachers had fallen seriously ill."

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