Man allegedly ran private-sector torture facility


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Jun 3, 2003
Man allegedly ran private-sector torture facility
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"Almost a decade ago, Jonathan Keith Idema sat in an Eastern North Carolina prison cell, blaming his legal woes on a vendetta by FBI agents angry that he refused to name Soviet spies who tipped him off to a nuclear smuggling operation in Lithuania. Now the Fayetteville resident sits in custody in Afghanistan, accused of running a vigilante anti-terrorist operation in which he rounded up innocent Afghans, held them in a makeshift jail and abused them... News reports from Afghanistan indicate that Idema was involved in the capture of at least eight men who were then held in a house in Kabul. A New York Times report quoted one of the men as saying he was nabbed at gunpoint by Idema's group and held for 10 days, three of them without food and water ... A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said Friday that the U.S. government had not employed Idema or sponsored his activities."