Make it a game or get bored and quit.....your choice!



Something I've started doing with my girth sessions. Every time I work girth ...which is pretty much every day that I have the opportunity, I make it like a game. In other words, I make it a goal EVERY workout to get as pumped and engorged as I can. When I feel like I've gotten some good expansion, I let it rest for a minute and then go for 10 minutes longer. When I finish my session, I then clean the lube off, get fully erect, and take a taped measurement. I make a mental note to myself of the post workout measurement and then, the next time I work girth...usually the next night, I make it a goal to try and break the last post workout measurement even if only by a little bit. It's a great way to sort of "compete" with yourself and stay mentally focused/motivated on your workouts. It's a technique used by many body builders as well. Always trying to break the last workout's pump .


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Jun 3, 2003
That is a great technique! This can definately be applied to stretching aswell!


Jun 3, 2003
Motivation is so important. Setting these small goals is an awesome way to feel accomplished after each session. This rewarding feeling will definetly help you train the following session. The other great thing about setting these small goals is one day you wake up and your like "Damn, how did that thing get so big?"

I remember when I was making very quick length gains I set small goals like you are doing. I always felt so good about my daily workouts that when I made the bigger goals in gains it seemed natural.
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