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Jun 3, 2003
"Loving Sisters"
2 loving sisters

It was so good to see you. I greet you at the door.

Long passionate kisses you hold me tight. I had spent

a lot of time choosing something hot to wear especially

for tonight.

Your eyes scan my lithe, sexy, little body. 5' 4"

tall, 34-22- 32. shoulder length , honey blonde hair.

Petite, and squeezed into a tight ,ultra short, white

mini dress. Stretched over me to show my curves- the

ones you love to hug and caress. My small round firm

breasts pushed together in a sweet little cleavage

peering thru the low cut front, a hint of ni@@le showing

against the tight thin fabric. I can see you are running

your eyes from my shapely legs in hi~heels up my thighs,

to my round pertbottom, drinking in my tiny waist and

invitingly firm round tits.

We move inside and stand holding each other pressed

against each other, instantly we are locked in urgent

kissing, our hands wandering each others body our

tongues wetly engaged in kissing. Your hand falls to

my ass and squeezes my sweet buns and slides up my dress

to the hot~pink~panties stretched across my ass.

I gyrate against you feeling your cock stiffening.

I love to feel your interest rising^^...

Your hand moves to my breasts and you caress the firm

handfuls and play with the nipple thru my dress we

are both getting so turned on. I hurriedly unbuckle

your belt and peel your pants to the floor, remove

your shorts and then caress your cock. My fingers

explore it with feather like touch as we~kiss.

You sigh in appreciation and throb with


'MMMMMmmmmmmm' You are so big' I whisper.

I slide to the floor before you and caress

and circle your cock with my hands firmly rubbing

gathering the skin and moving it until it is larger

and thicker. I blow warm air on it and you moan. My

mouth is only millimetres away from touching it.

I lick my lips and kiss your cock excitedly.

----> Its SOOOOO HUGE ---->. 'MMMmmmmmm'.

You caress my hair and guide me to you.

I cover your tip with passionate tiny wett kisses

and fondle your balls tickling them with my nails

and then lick you all over from base to tip.

Enjoying the throbs, & marvelling at the size of your cock.

Worshiping it. Finally suck the tip wetly, my tongue madly

flickering inside my mouth as I suck you then take your thick

cock inside me sucking deeper and deeper.

In moments you are screaming in joy for me to suck you more

and more, I feel you throb and begin to pump 'MMMm' I know I'm

going to get some cream. I don't want you to blow all

of it so I pinch the tip and let a few spurts escape

and the orgasm to happen, holding you firmly as you squirt

in my face and mouth. I lick the thick cream from your

cock. You know I'm aching for you. I stand. Unzip my

dress seductively, and strip tease for you.

Peeling the dress to the floor. You stare excitedly at

my sexy ass as I bend to remove it. Then I unhitch my

bra and throw it aside. My round firm breasts bob

sexily in front of your eyes the nipples now harder

and flushed with passion. You remove all of your clothes

and hold me again. We move to a nearby chair. I want

you inside me desperately. You kiss my hot pink

panties. They are soaked in anticipation. I moan as

your kisses get bigger and more concentrated, squealing as

you kiss my pussy thru the pants. You know how much I

love to keep them on and fuck. You slide them aside and finger

my tight little hole,wetness oozing down the inside of my thighs.

Twofingers inside me and I am screaming in orgasm. As you

finger fuck me, your mouth sucks and licks my swollen

clit and I squeal repeatedly. After a while my screams subside.

We both become aware of a moaning, sobbing sound

behind us. There, peering thru the door is my 16 year

old sister. Her dress hoisted up and her fingers

inside her panties, masturbating excitedly. She looks

embarrassed, but so horny. I beckon her to come into

the room. She can't take her eyes off your cock. She

has had boys before, never a man. She is fascinated

with it. 'Why don't you take your dress?' off I ask.

She quietly peels her dress off. She is not wearing a

bra her round nubile tits sit pertly on her slender

curvaceous young form. You can't take your eyes off

her sweet little body. Your cock is aching for

pussy. I peel off my panties and she removes hers.

You look at us both with disbelief and anticipation,

your cock throbs. I beckon you to lie on the floor

then lower myself onto your cock.

I then swirl its thick shaft around my dripping pussy

then slowly push it into my tight wet cunt....

'MMMmmmmm I'm aching for you'. I push it inside until

our bodies merge. I can feel your swollen balls against

my ass. You moan constantly, loving the wet tight feeling.

But still glancing at her. 'Why don't you let him lick you

while I fuck him' I whisper. She obediently walks to

you and lowers her delicious tight little ass onto

you. I can feel you throb in excitement. You lick and

sucks her, and in moments she is squealing for joy.

I gyrate on your cock moaning and squeezing you tightly.

Bouncing up and down on you first slow then fast, then

deep then almost taking it out, pausing, then

plunging down hard and deep. It is not long before I

am screaming. She is sobbing in pleasure and I feel your

cock well up and throb. Your hands reach out and paw us both

stroking our breasts, touching both our asses.

Moans fill the air as you explode and squirt great loads of cum

into my dripping wet pussy I push down hard on you tight as

ever feeling each spurt and loving the sound of your

excited screams of joy... Until the orgasm finally

subsides and we all collapse on the floor.

I then sit beside you kissing you while she plays

with your cock licking it clean and making you harder than ever.

She is fascinated by it. She played with you like a child

with a new toy. She bends over you while we kiss.

Your eyes turn once more to her sweet, little, round

bottom. Looking at the pussy you had been licking.

It wasn't hard to tell you wanted her too.

I'm not a selfish woman. I could see she wanted it too.

'Why don't you fuck her too' I whispered.

She stands up and walks to a chair and bends over the arm.

You watch her sweet firm curves, slender waist,

pert breasts and delicious buns and stand to follow

her kissing me passionately before you do. You grasp

her buns, she sighs and shivers a little as she feels

your thick cock touching her. She is a little

frightened. She holds her breath as you

run your cock around her wet little pussy, lubricating

it with her juices. She moans 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

Its SO BIG'. She wiggles her ass tempestuously,

you guide your cock to her opening~~~~~

'God you are so tight' you say with delight.

She writhes sensuously as you squeeze into her spreading\\

// her legs and pushing firmly but gently inside her.

A SCREAM wells in her throat as she feels you moving--->

into her wetness. 'YES, YES, YES" she squeals. And soon

your thick throbbing organ is inside her and your balls

touch the cheeks of her ass.

'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, fuck me'. she screams.

With that encouragement you begin to thrust into her long

deep strokes as she writhes and screams her mounting

orgasm thrashing out of control. Long deep strokes,

quickly then slowly then pulled right out while she

moans and begs you to be inside her deeply again.

I watch with fascination and my fingers thrust at my

clit and squeeze my own nipples as I begin to cum

again from watching you. I love looking at your ass

pounding, moving up and down the muscles in your butt

clenched as you thrust. She is sooooooooo tight, so

wet, so horny for you. I cant resist coming up behind

you and running my hand thru your hair

nibbling your ear as you fuck her. I run my hands

across your ass clutching your butt and following it

with my hand as you thrust deep in her. Breathing on

you and licking your ears. My hand drops to clutch

your balls and you continue to thrust into her. She's

screaming. You are moaning. No mortal man could last

any longer. She is so good and I'm making

things even hotter and harder for you.

You kiss me, and FUCK her HARD.

Finally you can hold back no longer and

she feels you throb and squeals and

MOANS un~controllably.

Pushing back at you, you PLUNGE--->into her as DEEP

as it will go, as I squeeze your HOTT~BALLS and kiss you

wett~ly. You shoot hot spurts into her as she writhes

and screams. You both almost feint from the pleasures.

The orgasm lasts forever.

You pull yourself from her. We all collapse on a couch

a girl on either side of you nibbling your ear.

Your cock finally slackens. Your cum~oozes from her

tight little pussy.

You have one hand on each one of our pussies.

Stroking, while we kiss you wetly. We take it in turns

for you to suckle our boobs and nuzzle and

snuggle against you appreciating the rubbing of your

fingers and the licks of your tongue on our nipples.

Inevitably your cock gets hard again. I touch you

again. I love to feel it stiffen in my hand and rub

you, gathering the skin and rolling it up over and down

your cock until it is fully erect again. I kiss you

and beckon you to lie on top of me. She lays back

exhausted but continues to fondle herself, moaning

quietly. Your cock is hard again. My pussy all but

sucks you inside me- I've been aching, longing for you

again. I tighten my pussy until it envelops your cock

and I can feel the throbs of appreciation.

We kiss. My lips and tongue excitedly cover your neck

and face with kisses and licks. Nibbling and biting,

my nails dig into your back as you begin to stroke

inside me. Its sooooooo good to have you inside me

again. You slide your hand underneath me and firmly

hold my tight little buns and fuck me again slowly and

deeply, as I moan contentedly. Whispering how much I

love your cock, and how big you are, and how good it

feels to be fucked by you. I wrap my legs around you

tightly and feel your balls slapping against me. The

depth and force of your thrusts make my swollen clit

respond, and I cum repeatedly. With each moan my pussy

tightens and wetness squirts from me. One hand on my

ass, the other squeezes my tits and your mouth roams

my neck, mouth and nipples excitedly. Until we are

both overcome with groans of pleasure. There may not

be much left inside your cock but it throbs and squirts

and pumps deep inside me as we both shudder, exhausted

by our mutual explosion. We collapse on the couch,

you still inside me, neither of us wanting you to take

it out as the sensation lingers, waves of pleasure

flow over us. The smell of our sex fills the air and

Verity has orgasmed her way through our experiences

and lies exhausted, sucking her thumb and her other

hand buried in her wet pussy hair. When we have all

recovered I run a nice warm spa with bubbles and we

all clean up together. Just you and two sexy sisters.
May 3, 2004
"Loving Sisters"
That was awesome. I had to play with my pussy while I read it. Thanks for helping me reach a mind blowing orgasam.
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