Love triangle sparks inexplicable murder spree


Jun 3, 2003
Love triangle sparks inexplicable murder spree
Independent Online |
"[Paul Johannes Meyer] put a .357 magnum revolver barrel in his mouth on Friday morning, pulled the trigger and blew his head apart. He is believed to have killed the two women who loved him - his wife, Adriana and his girlfriend, Cindy Jeffrey. For some reason known only to his twisted soul, he also killed another five people in an orgy of carnage... Meyer shot and killed Jeffrey, Rosanne Lamb, Linda van Rooyen and Rudolf Jacobus Niemann. Baby Ricardo Marx, Lamb's four-month-old son, was spared, and was found shortly after the shootings by a domestic worker. That evening Meyer checked himself, his wife and his two children into a hotel. Early the next morning he killed them in their sleep, shooting them in the head with his pistol."

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