Love Erect Bends!!


Wow I did a good set of erect bends and i was like wow this not only feels great but intense!!!!!!

Does erect bends help u gain erect length ????????

And also how does one go about doing erect STRETCHES ??????

Thanks everyone for helping me out with my questions!!!!!


Supra said:
I need to do them, but I am afraid!

Yea i was really afraid,,but i dont know i just wanted to try them because i was thinking in my head how exactly i could get good erect length gains then erect bends popped in my head!!!

But i still need to know from someone who has done them and benefitted from them if they do in fact give u erect length gains???

And how exactly does one go about doing erect STRETCHES ???
I love these but I do them for girth. It's important to remember that you don't work with a >100 percent erection<: you get to that point but back down to do the exercise. There's no pain or injury involved if you take it easy at first.

Killer girth workout.


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