Lost Gains From Time Off?


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Mar 21, 2004
My old injury is back again, damn it! Just when I started to see actual tape measure length gains (1/4 of an inch) this damn injury came back and last time I measured I was only a little over 6 inches.

Maybe you guys can help. I don't know what this injury is but here are the symptoms: your balls really hurt and usually hang lower than usual, it's just a really uncomfortable feeling. Hard to describe but you just know something isnt right down there.

Last time, I waited and waited for the dam thing to heal and it never did (maybe due to not being able to go without sex or masturbation for more than 3 days at a time). So, I just decided to start a Penis Enlargement program and hope I wouldn't do any more harm. Not only did I not do any harm, the thing healed!

My dick seemed indestructable *and* the thing kept growing :) Sometimes It's uncomfortable to walk, so jelqing and pulling on it are the last things I feel like doing. Are my gaines going to return after ig starts to feel better and I start stretching it out again or have I lost them for good and have to start all over from basically square one? Anyone else have this injury I'm talking about? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Guys.


May 18, 2004
Go see a doctor if you're feeling that kind of pain. When i had a thrombosed vein, i lost whatever girth i had gained, but kept my length b/c of light stretching .
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