Long term effects of ROP


Nov 15, 2003
Are there any? What are they? Causing your testicles to over produce testosterone over a long period of time can't be good. In fact can't it make you impotent and shrink your balls if you stopped wearing it?
Apr 5, 2004
u got steroids confused with the ROP. They're different, very different in how they work. ROP's voltage and zinc and stuff stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone, and simply work more efficiently then they could on their own. the steroids you're talking about pumps testosterone into the blood from an outside source, so your body figures that since this testosterone is coming free from the outside it won't have to make any itself, that's how your balls shrink and possibly make you impotent.

ROP is like the safe steroids, you'll never need regular steroids again once u have an ROP.
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