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Can the Frenulum be a limiting factor in the onset of length in ones penis. Mine seems to pull really tight during an erection and even tighter when I stretch . Can this piece inhibit growth? I've started stretching it just in case.


I don't know what the frenulum is, but the most critical limiting factor in Penis Enlargement journey is our physicology I think :)


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From what I have read about the frenulum, it seems to be the case that it could be a limiting factor. Mind you I have not read extensively, and I myself was born without a frenulum, so I can't speak from experience (actually from what I understand, everyone has one but it is not always attached to the glans). I would say if you feel it stretch tightly that stretching it is a good idea because it may indeed be your limiting factor. Some men are born with a frenulum that becomes so tight that it rips and bleeds the first time they have sex. From what I understand, there is a painless procedure to remove it ......... you may want to see a doctor about it. (you don't necessarily have to say anything about Penis Enlargement, you could just tell them it hurts when you are fully erect). The only thing I can say for sure as to whether or not it will be a limiting factor, does the frenulum go from the glans all the way to the base of your penis? If not, I cannot imagine how it would be much of a limiting factor if it is at all.

Sorry I can't give you more information, but trying to be as helpful as possible. The only thing I really know about the frenulum is what I just read about the operation (a frenuloplasty) via a google search, and pictures of it from Gray's Anatomy. If you want to read more about it, do a search for frenulum breve. I know I wasn't very informative, but I hope I have helped you in some way. Maybe you should try to find more information on it from people here who have problems with their frenulum?


I believe it can be snipped in no time under a local anaesthetic and is a standard procedure.

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